My Raised Garden Bed

It’s official I’ve inherited my mothers green thumb. From childhood I’ve watched my mother bring our home to life with plants big and small. Helping my mother tend to her garden boxes and flower pots was our way of bonding. Looking back I didn’t recognize the value of our time or the lessons I’d learn. I most definitely didn’t see myself having my very own rasised Garden bed today.

Here I am sharing my growing love for gardening and growing my own food. I bet you’re wondering what’s a raised garden bed? Well, it’s when a planting bed sits on top of your existing soil. This can be anywhere from just a few inches tall to waist-high (or higher), and can be made of many different materials. Usually, there’s room left around the outside of each bed so you can walk around it (not in it), which allows the soil to stay loose and fluffy instead of compacted. That’s important, since roots grow best when the there’s room for air and water to move easily through the soil.

There are many different types of raised beds. Traditional raised bed frames are usually wood or sturdy plastic, but they can also be made with cinder blocks, stones, patio pavers, bricks, or broken concrete pieces. Basically, you can create one to match your own style and landscape, using purchased or reclaimed materials. Some raised beds also come in kits to make it much easier.

For my raised garden bed I had it custom-made out of wood planks. I purchased the planks from Loews and left the rest up to the carpenter. It came out exactly how we discussed and is now my new vegetable garden. For my first harvest I decided to grow butternut squash, cabbage, red potato, white potatoes, okra (my favorite) tomatoes, sweet peppers, sweet potatoes, and cilantro. It sounds like a lot but my raised garden bed is big enough for all of my vegetables. Check them out below

Head over to my instagram page Chsveggiebae where I share more of my garden and love for vegetables. I hope you enjoyed this post all about my raised garden bed.

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