Covid Dining

Yes, it’s a real thing and people are doing it. Hi, I’m people and yes I took the chance and went out to eat during this covid pandemic. My family and friends weren’t too keen on the idea but I’d had enough. Enough of home cooked meals, left overs, and searching Pinterest for ideas. Don’t get me wrong it’s been a wonderful time of trying new things but I missed getting dolled up for date. A date with my girl The Fashionable Traveler. So far we’ve gone out to eat three times and each time I felt safe and enjoyed every moment.

For our first outing we headed to Bone Fish Grill one of my favorite spots in North Charleston. During these times we found it best to head out early in the afternoon to avoid any possible crowds. We set our date for 1pm a perfect time for just us and a few other guest. The wait staff all wore mask and kept a safe distance. We ordered, ate, drank, and enjoyed being out.

Check Out My Youtube Video From That Day

The following week we set out for a new restaurant downtown Charleston. It’s been a while since I drove downtown and it was interesting to see the streets so dull. Downtown is the heartbeat of Charleston buzzing with tourist and people all around. This is defintely a new era one I pray doesn’t stay for long. Bumpa’s Charleston was the perfect option for our lunch date.

Bumpa’s is located on a quaint block in the French Quarter of downtown Charleston. Their curb appeal is picturesque and fit for a photoshoot. Let’s be honest that’s what bloggers do right. From the outside in everything about Bumpa’s is on point. They specialize in a variety of top notch bar food mixed with their Irish heritage. I enjoyed every bite of my meal from start to finish all while feeling safe.

This past week we mixed it up and went South West style. Sol Southwest is one of my favorite spots in the Summerville area. I love the look, feel, and of course the food. The blend of southwest with everyday meals is phenomenal. The seating was spaced out and yet again I felt safe.

Dining out during this pandemic is possible and can be done safely all while having fun. It feels good to get out at least once a week and mix it up with my girl. Grab your peoples and get out it’s important for your mental health more than you can imagine.

The key is safety first and foremost. If the restaurant staff doesn’t have mask I highly suggest turning around it’s just not worth it. Every restaurant we went to practiced social distancing and wearing mask. It’s important to note that while eating you clearly can’t wear a mask but as soon as you’re done put it back on. Let me know if you venture out!!

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