Beach Bae

Covid will not cancel my summer!! I refuse to let it get the best of me – period!! She tried it, but the way my faith is setup… I won’t be moved. Most of all I have and will continue to use wisdom. Whenever I leave my house, I stay masked up with my pocket full of sanitizer and Purell wipes. It’s important to note that we should take all precautions necessary during these times.

Let’s talk about this beach trip. Since summer officially started, every morning I wake up and declare I’m going to X, Y , and Z. Then reality steps in, I remember Covid is here and she ain’t playing. After much debate, I decided to take my chance. Not to mention, my homegirl was up for the adventure. We got up and set our eyes towards Kiawah Island – about an hour away from North Charleston. Heading to Kiawah Island was a mini escape from reality. Check out how it all went down.

I’m glad we seized the moment to spend some time at the beach. It was refreshing and just what I needed to break up this quarantine season. Oh, I’ll definitely return considering how safe it was. Here’s to the rest of summer days down by the beach.

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