The Recap

Happy Friday! Welcome to the recap. What’s the recap? well it’s a blogpost dedicated to a quick recap of what’s gone down in the blogs. Not just any blog but my blog. This month I’ve participated in the Mattie James consistency challenge. Mattie James is well known blogger that uses her platform to share her life and show other bloggers how to level up. For the month of July she challenged her blogging community to blog every day. One week left and here’s what I posted so far

Girls Night Out At Butcher & Bee

It’s like the universe knew I needed a girls’ night out full of great eats, laughter, and love. It was an intense first week of being back to school and I needed that mid-week picker uper. After a group text from my girls, with time and location, I was ready to head out to Butcher […]

The Continuous Journey Of Becoming

I remember like it was yesterday sitting across from a man I once knew when he uttered the words, “I want to start life over; I don’t want this.” In that moment my heart dropped and my world shattered. In that moment I knew I had to become someone different. A few weeks later, I […]

Hey Sis,

Pull up a chair grab your tea and let’s chat. Today I’m sharing my heart because it’s been burning inside of me for quite so long. After having multiple conversations surrounding this topic I decided it’s time. Time to clear the air and just clear my heart. You ever had this unsettling feeling of something […]

Plantain Lasanga

Plantain lasagna is better known as Pastelon. This dish originates from Puerto Rico and is a casserole dish similar to Italian lasagna. The meal is layered with sweet plantains, ground beef, tomato-based sauce, and cheese. I’m not a fan of ground beef so I swapped the beef for beans. Check out my revamped recipe below. […]

My Raised Garden Bed

A garden is a grand teacher. It teaches patience and careful watchfulness; it teaches industry and thrift; above all it teaches entire trust. — Gertrude Jekyll (2011) ‘Wood and Garden: Notes and Thoughts, Practical and Critical, of a Working Amateur’ Cambridge University Press

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It’s been so much fun blogging and sharing different aspects of my heart. I’m super excited to share that I’ll be continuing this post everyday challenge over on my Youtube channel. Hit subscribe down below and thanks as always for all the support. Stay tuned for next weeks post where I’ll be getting a bit more personal and telling my story.