Are you seeing anyone? Don’t you want to remarry? Don’t you want children? You’re getting older you know! A few questions and statements I hear way too often. It use to bother me, but I’ve become numb to them. Please, don’t feel sorry or concerned for me at all. Dating is and can be fun, but I’m not interested in dating at this very season in my life.

The truth is I’m not interested in dating – I’m interested in courting. What’s courting? Courting is the purposeful intent to develop trust and to build a healthy relationship with marriage as the end goal. With courting, both parties are more vested in the relationship because of the time and effort put into being with one another. As opposed to the questions and statements I started with, folks should try saying these things. How are you treating yourself these days? You look great! Keeping yourself healthy? Tell me about your current projects.

Those comments to me show more concern, compassion, and consideration. So now, I bet you’re wondering if I’m courting? Hmmm, let me ponder. I am, lol. I’m courting myself and taking time to develop a healthy relationship with trusting me, caring for me on a deeper level, and spending time to hear what God is saying to me in this season. What does dating me look like? It looks like quiet time in the word, writing in my journal, random dance sessions and of course the occasional outings.

For the past few weeks I decided to get back into the habit of doing a fun outing for myself. Most recently I took myself on a date to my favorite restaurant, a walk in the park, and a beach night. Of course I snapped pics and did some vlogs, but most of all I enjoyed being with me. If you can’t have fun by yourself, or just trust yourself, you truly can’t do it with a companion. Hit play on my beach vlog and check out my photos from my lunch date and walk stroll.

My time will come but until then I’m sowing into myself and tuning my ears to what God is saying.

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