Lather Me In Love

In addition to dating myself I’m relearning to pamper myself in love and self-care. Let’s be clear, self – care isn’t just bubbles and candles lit all around. BUT it does help. Being a woman who loves to try new things, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to lather up with a friends homemade bar soap. The lather was perfect and the smell was delightful. Pampering myself in the lather and enjoying a nice warm shower is my daily dose of self-care. This goat milk soap took my shower time above and beyond the norm.

I received two huge bars of soap. This homemade goat milk soap was everything I needed to close out this month. It’s thick white texture and subtle undertones of honey had me feeling like I was on a stay-cation in paradise. Head over and give them a follow on Instagram via Abu_nature_bars.

This month has been one filled with ups and downs, highs and lows. Overall, I’m so glad that I had various opportunities to grow and tap deeper into my gifts. Most recently, I was featured in my local newspaper as one of Charleston’s Black Blogger’s to follow. This was such an awesome opportunity and one I don’t take for granted. It’s definitely given me the added motivation to keep going.

Today I close out blogging everyday for a month as part of the Mattie James challenge. This challenge has shown me that I am capable of being the full-time blogger of which I’ve dreamed of becoming. Blogging takes hard-work and dedication just like any other career. Often times bloggers are misunderstood, but let’s be clear this is a very demanding career. Many don’t see the contract negotiations with brands, or the countless hours that goes into editing and creating. Although it may seem like all glitz and glam with a fun time out; and cool brand partnerships, its hard work. As we all know nothing comes easy at all but it’s all worth it. I wouldn’t trade blogging and creating content for the world.

Here’s a preview of my blogs for this month…


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Cheers to me for putting in the time, effort, and talent. Cheers to all of us that believe in what we lay our hands too. Cheers to all the bloggers blogging day and night to create the life they want. Cheers to you for believing in you when everyone else gave up. Until next time, I’ll be lathering myself in love, xoxo.

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