When’s the last time you took a road trip? I know the state of our world is sketchy and questionable. One thing we can choose to do is be wise in our decision making. I knew a road trip to see my cousin was long overdo. With my sister in town we both agreed let’s do it. Off we went to Fayetteville, NC

Who knew a day trip would turn into a weekend getaway. Thank goodness I always pack a lite bag just in case. A quick three hour trip and boom there we were in Fayetteville kicking it. As stated this was totally spontaneous but yet all in Gods plan. Our weekend was filled with heartfelt conversations on the state of our world, dating, health, and much more. It was what we all needed and a blessing to encourage each other. In the midst of great conversations we ate, watched Black is King, and got out.

Fayetteville Botanical Gardens isn’t far from where my cousin lives and the perfect place to tour. The grounds were well kept and absolutely breathtaking. Check out a few pictures below

It was an absolutely beautiful day in a beautiful garden. If you haven’t I highly suggest a visit. It was the getaway I needed right before I get back to work.

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