Talk With Him Sis!

Sunday August 23, 2020 I strapped up my skates and did a few a spins. Not to long after my dad decided to go for a walk and of course I joined him. As he walked and I skated he gave me tips and tricks along the way. My dad was a pro back in his day so I tuned in. Growing up I remember going to Empire Roller Skating Rink for various events and family nights. Watching my dad and mom show their skills when it was adults skate was so much fun. Fast forward and here I was learning from the best. Most recently I’ve been teaching myself spins,skating backwards, and crossovers. Lucky for me my dad taught me all of those in one evening. What he didn’t know was that he taught me so much more than skating but a spiritual lesson as well.

On our way down the hill the Holy Spirit impressed upon my heart how God does the very same thing. He walks with us along life’s journey and is there encouraging us on every step. Most of all He wants us to know that He’ll never leave us nor forsake us. On my way up my dad was there holding my hand while teaching me to skate backwards. He encouraged me and said I’m here don’t worry if you fall. That’s exactly what our heavenly Father does whisper to us that even if we fall He’s right there to catch us. As I grew in my confidence to stop, turn, and do a crossover I did it without his help. There I was on my own two feet strutting my stuff and in the back I heard my dad say you got it! I looked back and saw how far away he was yet it felt like he was right there. It was a sweet reassurance and a reminder that as I talked with my dad along the way so should I talk with Christ. It may seem like we are on our own in difficult time sbut trust He’s right there. He’s waiting for us to call out to Him and invite him along our walks. He wants to hold our hand, encourage us, and watch us take the steps all on our own. So I implore you to talk with Him sis!

2 responses to “Talk With Him Sis!”

  1. Yes! I needed this reminder today. Thank you!


    1. yayyy so glad you checked it out 💛


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