Girls Night Out At Butcher & Bee

It’s like the universe knew I needed a girls’ night out full of great eats, laughter, and love. It was an intense first week of being back to school and I needed that mid-week picker uper. After a group text from my girls, with time and location, I was ready to head out to Butcher & Bee. There I was back in the swing of getting dressed up to go kick it with my girls. For a moment it felt like life pre-Covid then reality set in when I grabbed my mask. I didn’t let that stop me from enjoying the moment of getting dolled up to enjoy great bites with great friends.

This was my first time at Butcher & Bee and my what curb appeal. The signature bees were painted on the ground leading us right to their main entrance from the parking lot. The outdoor ambiance was so captivating and perfect for a night out. One thing I love about living in Charleston is the scenic views and the feel of being on vacation 24/7. This restaurant had me feeling like I was miles away from home. We found the cutest table in the middle of the patio and started drooling over the menu.

A few oohs and ahhs later I decided on starting off with a nice drink. My eyes were dead set on their “First It’s Sour” Buzzed Shaved Ice the sound of bourbon, blackberry, lemon, and agostura bitters was sweet to my ears. So glad I went with my first instincts because this was sweet and savory.

Next up was our appetizers there we so many to choose from that I struggled. After chatting it up with the ladies I opted for the hummus. For me, hummus is always a win especially with chips the perfect go-to app. Yet again they delivered with this creamy and crunchy hummus thanks to their addition of fried chickpeas. This paired so lovely with the pita bread a great start to get my appetite going.

We dipped and tasted all the apps and by far I must say my hummus hit the spot. I knew I wanted a little something light to follow up before the big meal so I couldn’t resist their “Avocado Crispy Salad” this salad was mixed with Carolina Gold crispy rice, seasonal greens, peanuts, and serrano chiles. As an avocado lover, I had to try it and boy was I in for a treat. This salad exceeded my expectations in every which way. The crispy rice mixed with the lettuce and the avocados were amazing. There was an option to add protein so we went with the shrimp and that was the perfect punch.

One would think after all these appetizers I’d be full but I was set for my main course. Making this choice was a no brainer once I spotted their “Messy” Veggie Burger & Fries on the menu. This burger came with caramelized onions, B&B pickles, cashew cheese, and a seeded roll. To make my order a bit different I subtracted cheese and the roll for a bed of lettuce. This switch-up was the icing on the cake.

This was a great night out with my girls and a meal I’ll never forget. A huge thanks to the Cocktail Bandits for bringing myself and The Fashionable Traveler together for a great night out. I’ll definitely be heading back to Butcher & Bee without a doubt. Cheers to newfound favorites and a time well spent with my loves. Be sure to follow me over on my Instagram account for all things veg ChsVeggieBae

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