Steeplechase Style

Steeplechase of Charleston is one of the biggest horse races here in the Lowcountry. Horses are such beautiful creatures and to see them close up is absolutely breathtaking. When the chance to come out as a featured blogger came knocking at my door I couldn’t resist. Not only is Steeplechase of Charleston known for it’s horse races but the style. Every year you can be sure to see a sea of hats and top notch style. There was no way I wasn’t show up on the scene with a hat myself.

Dresses are my go to look for its ease of style and versatility. After rummaging through my closet I found the cutest dress to pair with my fav hat and knee high boots. This wasn’t my first rodeo so I knew I needed to grab a comfy shawl. This time of year in Charleston the weather is bit chilly and unpredictable. Off I went cute, comfy, and ready for a day at the races.

This race day wouldn’t have been the same without my girl The Fashionable Traveler. I can always count on her for a good time no matter what the occasion is. We saddled up our car with bites, sips, and sweets straight to Steeplechase. This year with COVID 19 lingering around Steeplechase of Charleston setup safe measures to ensure we’d all have a great time while staying safe. To do that they turned this years theme into a tailgate style and it was so much fun. Each group had their own socially distanced parking space to setup and enjoy.

We pulled up to our spot and setup house to enjoy our yummy bites and sip delightful beverages. For my first tailgating experience I had the best bites and sips hands down. Reaching out to Chs Coastal Charcuterie and The Cocktail Bandits was a win.

First up our lovely charcuterie board

I bet your’e drooling right now it was so good!! Next for sips we had the best drink pouches provided by The Cocktail Bandits.

Needless to say we were full and feeling good. We took a stroll down the vendor lanes before the race and snapped a few pics along the way.

Before I knew it the race began and the horses were off to claim their crowns. It was such a lovely experience from start to finish. We left exhausted with a heart full of good times and sweet memories. Thank you to Touchpoints Communications and Steeplechase Of Charleston for another year of great fun.

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