This is for you

Everything happens in it’s appointed time. Read that again everything and anything that happens happens for that set time and season. I’m living a witness that the things I wanted didn’t come when I wanted them to. They came when I was ready and most importantly when God saw fit. Often times we try our best to make things happen now especially in this microwave generation. Let me remind you patience is a virtue that we all can work on. It’s not easily attained but when practiced right it’s worth it.

2020 has showed us all that we don’t make the rules life does. Enjoy the journey take the L’s and turn them into wins one day at a time. In a few weeks everything we’ve dealt with in 2020 will be behind us and 2021 will bring it’s own trials and triumphs. Whatever you’re going after go hard and whatever you want now trust the timing of life. There are a few well known quote that goes in line with this very concept

One day you’ll be staring at the blessing you used to always dream about

Pray, wait, trust.

You ever stopped and thought “wow, I prayed for this. It’s here. It’s happening.”

Let me be the first to tell you when you can actually quote those sayings it feels amazing. I’m in that season of life where the things I prayed for are unfolding right before my eyes. May you embrace where you are so you can appreciate the answer to what you prayed for.

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