5 Important Life Lessons Power Filled Retreat 2021 Taught Me

This time last weekend I was getting ready to head down to the Outer Banks, NC for a retreat that would forever change my life. Let me tell you all about what I learned and the life lessons I took away from it.

The PowerFilled Retreat was held at the gorgeous beach house in Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina. The vision and leader that brought this all together was Kenya Dunn. If you’re not familiar with Kenya Dunn it’s important to note that she established and built The Power Filled Woman. Her aim behind developing the Power Filled Woman was to create a full-service consulting operation that provides customized strategies for businesses and individuals. Through her experience in Fortune 100 companies she helps others navigate the path of career and business success. Kenya is a high impact, people-focused leader who is passionate about helping others reach their full potential. 

Photography by Tiffany Alway’s Traveling

One thing for sure is that I let the Powerfilled Retreat FULL! Not full from overeating but full from the wealth of knowledge that was poured into me from Kenya, the woman attending, and the amazing speakers. There were so many nuggets that were shared and gems that were imparted. Out of it all five life lessons impacted my heart and my spirit so much that I couldn’t not share.

Photography by Tiffany Alway’s Traveling

Five Life Lessons Power Filled Retreat 2021 Taught Me

# 1



I bet you’re wondering what’s my potent voice? Trust me I had that very same question ringing in my ears. To sum it up your potent voice is your ability to share your story and exude the power that lies within. This doesn’t happen overnight but continuously. The journey to understanding how to use your potent voice is a daily work in progress.



We are all familiar with the scripture “write the vision and make it plain” but how often do we keep it in front of us? Not often enough! If you’re like me you’ll write it down in a journal somewhere and never touch it again. My prayer is that you too would keep the vision in front of you! You need to see it daily so it can resonate in your spirit 24/7



You’re voice is just as unique as you are and that matter’s!! There is room for you at the table so long as you choose to show up. I don’t know about you, but I’m showing up and taking a seat. I’m not just taking a seat and sitting by quietly but, I’m raising my hand and letting my voice be heard. My story is unique and my voice gives breathe and life to those around me to be empowered. Use your voice my love the world is waiting to hear what you have to say.



Read that again but say it out loud. Every room you walk into needs you. You are. more than enough and more than capable of being there. Don’t allow doubt, fear, or the imposter syndrome to hold you captive any longer. Get up and go forth in the power that you have. It’s time out for playing shy or holding up the wall. It’s time for you to walk into every room with power, grace, and the knowledge that you are supposed to be there.



Listen my love to the sound that comes forth from your mouth. Not just the words but the tone, the energy, and the love it’s wrapped in. Your voice is beautiful, your voice is unique, and your voice is special. Listen so you can refine, fine tune, and perfect your craft. We can be our worst critics and listening will help us to see why people even listen to us in the first place. Sometimes the message you speak to others may be just for you once you settle down and tune in. In the past I’d always say I hate my voice but those words are no longer apart of my vocabulary. Now my confession is that I love my voice, my voice is unique, and the universe needs what I have.

I’ve walked away from the Power Filled Retreat a changed woman and I’m not going back. I’m walking forward in this light, power, and refreshed vision that’s mine. May you not miss the chance to be empowered and refreshed by all that takes place at the Power Filled Retreat next year. To find out more visit the links below.

* https://www.facebook.com/ThePowerFilledWoman

* https://www.linkedin.com/in/kenyadunn

Check out my VLOG coverage of the entire weekend below

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