This Is Why Getting Rooted Is So Important

gray trunk green leaf tree beside body of water

Strong roots can’t grow if a tree is never planted and rooted! That’s it that’s why it’s so important. So let me ask you when was the last time you stood still and got rooted?

Lately this has been on my heart and where I’m headed in life. Getting rooted is key to building a long lasting future. A future that’s filled with prosperity, growth, and fullness.

There is a verse from the Bible that rings loud in my ears day in and out

that we should no longer be children, tossed to and fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine……

Ephesians 4:14

This portion of the scripture impresses upon my heart the importance of standing strong and being grounded in every area of my life. It reminds me to not allow my emotions to toss me back and forth but to fix my focus on Christ and remain in Him. In Christ there is no confusion, no wavering, no uneasiness, and one doctrine!

I remember when I would go back and forth with myself realizing I didn’t trust my own decisions. The truth was I didn’t trust myself to make the “right” decision. Making the wrong decision sometimes leads us to a path of learning how discern the voice of God from the enemy. We realize that hey I should have went with my gut feeling and often times that feeling is God leading you towards being grounded.

Most recently I watched “YOU” like just about everyone else in the world. In this wild ride of a show one scene caught my attention the most. WARNING if you haven’t seen it yet you’ll want to skip this part lol.

In Season 3 Episode 10 Luv and Marienne were discussing how Marienne connected with Joe. In their discussion Marienne confessed she should have known Joe was no good. Marienne then said to Luv

If there is ever for a fleeting moment a tiny voice in your head saying I deserve better listen to her. If you betray her long enough you will loose her!

YOU Season 3 Marienne

For me that translated as listen to God’s voice that’s the voice of the Holy Spirit. His voices reminds us that we do indeed deserve better. We can follow that voice and male right decisions. Decisions that would lead us to being grounded! The enemies job is to confuse us and keep us distant from Christ. That’s behind us as we move towards 2022!

It’s closer than we think and if you can get rooted now and tuned into the voice of the Holy Spirits leading the right doors and opportunities will come your way. You will begin to walk into a season of being rooted and flowing in the blessings that will follow!

Ask me how I know? I was once tossed back and forth in my mind and sacred to make decisions. Today I’m rooted in my relationship with Christ, my family, my church community and my friends. It’s been a year of walking in the blessings that come from being rooted. I placed my goals in Christ hands and whew! He hasn’t failed and won’t fail in showing me that He’s got me!

I pray this post will open your eyes to

  1. Listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit
  2. Follow it’s leading
  3. Trust yourself and trust Christ
  4. Get grounded right where you are

You can do it! May you never feel alone in this journey called life!

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