Five Facts About The Black Food Truck Festival That Will Blow Your Mind

Saturday November 13th & Sunday November 14th The Black Food Truck Festival touched down in Charleston,SC and rocked the house. Here’s 5 facts that will blow your mind

  1. Every food truck sold out on the first day! Clearly folks came out and showed out.
  2. The music was curated to get you up and grooving on the dance floor! From the time I entered the gates I couldn’t stop grooving.
  3. The energy was dynamic. They say an event is only as great as it’s visionary! If you know the visionary Marcus Hammond then you know he’s good people.
  4. Everyone was welcoming, friendly, and having a great time.
  5. It was the first of many more to come.

The festival took place at Patriots Point in Mount Pleasant, SC. If you missed this year I highly suggest keeping an eye out for next year. Get ready to grub, dance, and enjoy the vibes. Here are a few pics of my time down at the Black Food Truck Festival

Mr. Marcus Hammond the Visionary behind Black Food Truck Festival
Garlic Shrimp From Chef Racks
Chef TR of Un-Cheesecake
Rainey Behind the Lens & Tipsy Twerk
The Cocktail Bandits
Lifestyle Content Creator Narcisa Maura

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