Rituals Namaste Body Cream

With a name like Namaste for a body cream why wouldn’t you want to try it? I couldn’t resist moisturizing my skin with this cream. A huge thanks yo Rituals for gifting me with there luxurious product.

Rituals Namaste Body Cream

This cream promises to provide 24-hr hydration that leaves your skin feeling comfortably nourished all day long. It’s the first of its kind, The Ritual of Namaste Intense hydrating body cream is said to incorporate a well-known ingredient called hyaluronic acid into its skincare products. This innovative body cream will make your skin feel like a dream.

This rich, velvety body cream is quickly absorbed by the skin for long-lasting nourishment and moisturisation from head to toe. Trust me I’m walking proof on any given day.

Sounds like a great way to take care and love on you. So be sure to hit the link below and grab yours

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