Brandless Beauty Activator

The Brandless Beauty Activator is the cutest with its pink coloring and soft to the touch body. It’s a skin care device made with attention and detail. This Beauty Activator has completely changed the way I do skincare.

It isn’t your average facial brush, it rotates, oscillates, and gently cleanse. It helps to rejuvenate and firm your skin. Icing on the cake it’s made with ultra-hygienic silicone, so you never have to worry about adding any nastiness back into your pores.

Not only is Brilliant the only facial brush with patented Dual Motion™, but it’s detachable silicone head is specially designed with patented channels to sweep across your skin to evenly apply cleanser and gently massage and cleanse your face.

Here’s how I use it on my oily skin for a refreshing wash:

No need to worrying I’ve got you covered. Grab yours via the link below

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