Viva Chicken

Anytime I see the word Viva internally I’m singing “Viva Panama, Viva, Viva, Viva Panama” all thanks to my Grandmother who sang this about her beloved country Panama. I digress this post isn’t about Panama it’s all about Viva Chicken a Peruvian Inspired Chicken Joint!

Until recently I never knew this yummy restaurant existed. The joys of living in a developing community is the constant new places to eat and shop opening up. Lucky for me Viva Chicken landed in Nexton, SC my side of town. I heard about it of course on good ol Instagram and had to make my way down to grab a bite.

What drew me wasn’t the Chicken because I don’t indulge in the meats. What I do enjoy is food with Spanish flair thanks to my Latin bloodline. When I saw yuca fries were on the menu I knew I’d love it. The shock came when I realized there was more than just yuca fries for me to enjoy.

Viva Chicken is now my go to spot for a healthy lunch. My main choice is their Quinoa Stuffed Avocado ( currently drooling) it’s just something about all the flavors joining together for a party in my mouth. Check it out below

My next choice is their Tacu Bowl filled with rice, canary beans, salad, and avocado slice. The best rice bowl in town I’d you ask me. A side must have their yuca fries.

If you’re anything like me I’m sure your stomach is growling now. Head to Viva Chicken and find your nearest location. Thank me later!

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