And Just Like That…

And just like that I downsized! Yes, you read correctly I downsized from a two bedroom apartment into a one bedroom apartment. After my rent skyrocketing I decided it was best to sever the ties and move on. This decision didn’t come easy because I loved where I lived. However, saving coins for my own home trumps everything else.

So I purged, let go, and packed my things to make my life fit into a one bedroom. To my surprise it wasn’t that hard. Downsizing made me evaluate my needs from my wants. I wanted to keep my clothes but did I need them no! I’m specifically speaking of items I haven’t worn in the past year. It was definitely a process and one that taught me so much.

I gathered my things and set up my new home to my liking and it’s been amazing. I’m loving the extra change I can put towards saving and trips. I plan on going places in 2022 it’s been long enough. If you’re like me debating downsizing I say do it! It’ll only make life much more pleasant.

Check out my empty apartment tour for my new space and my old space below!

New Space
Old Space

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