Things I Wish Someone Told Me Part 2

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Things I wish someone told me while going through a divorce part 2. If you missed my first post then click the link and read Things I Wish Someone Told Me. I got such great feedback and women wanting to know when the next post is coming. Well, it’s here and today my friend I’d like to tell you that

Healing Isn’t A Destination, It’s A Journey

It’s your journey so take your time or don’t, either way do not and I repeat do not let friends, family, or society tell YOU how to walk it out. I’m on the other side and I remember what it was like to have folks try to tell me what to do and how to respond. I knew then that I had to cling to my own truth that would keep me grounded. Honestly, I don’t know where I got this or how I came up with it but one day it hit me boom!! My life doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s. I mean duh right it can’t but so often we try so hard to fit in and be like the rest.

If I’m being honest it was a real struggle for me as I was surrounded with friends who all were married, had kids, and just ” had it all” from my perspective. Yet, here I was going through a very tramatic somewhat public divorce. Repeating that small phrase to myself and owning that statement made it so much better. I also washed myself in the word and reminded myself of God’s truth. So all in all do whatever it takes to help you heal and go at your own pace.

Most recently I read this and it also caught my attention and it’s fitting with this topic

I know that you’re speaking from your experiences, and I hope things work out differently for me.

nedra tawaab

If only I read this back then, my how it would have changed so many unnecessary conversations. no disrespect to others but let us walk out our journey the way we choose. It’s unfair to put your past experiences on my current journey. This goes for any journey someone is walking through. Please I beg do not give unsolicited advice. Instead, listen and ask what do you need from me in this season?


Healing Isn’t A Destination, It’s A Journey

One filled with highs, lows, tears, smiles, hurts, pains, laughter, and love. Wherever you are on the journey embrace it whole heartedly and know one day you will look back and see all that you’ve come through.

With love,


P.S- if you need a listening ear as you walk out this journey of divorce I’m all ears. You are not alone! Feel free to dm for advice, prayer, or just to vent. 

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