Happy Valentines Day My Love

Happy Valentine’s Day My Love, my walking heartbeat, my ride or die, and much more. Happy 1yr Anniversary to Us!! I’m so glad you came into my life and shook things upside down. I wouldn’t trade you for the world and I couldn’t imagine my life without you. Who knew one sudden idea to visit my local shelter would turn into a life of adventures with you by my side.

I remember walking into Dorchester Paws thinking about the things I wanted in a dog. One that was friendly, good with other dogs, kids, and a had a big personality. My dear Smoke you’ve been that and so much more. I read the description on the kennel and you checked all my boxes!! It was then I said I’d like to meet him, and boom you stole my heart. You came into the play area ready to have fun and give all the puppy kisses. It was love at first sight and I just had to take you home.

A home is what you have in my heart and in my life. I can’t wait to see where these next years will take us! Year one has been filled with:

Trail walks, lake trips, dog meetups, bike rides, roller skating adventures, dog sponsorships, and so much more. Let’s keep this ball rolling.

Happy 1 year Anniversary my good boy!! Forever My Valentine xoxo

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