High Heels & High Profits: The Recap

A day spent soaking in information from the best of the best in PR and marketing The Duo Collective.


I'm A Digital Girl

This post answers my most asked question of 2019 " What app do you use?" keep reading to see which apps made my top 5


Why I Love My Caripro Electronic Toothbrush

Keep reading to see what I think about the new CariPro Ultrasonic Toothbrush review and enter my exclusive giveaway at the end.


My Visit To The Garden Of Yoni

It's been a week since I visited The Garden Of Yoni and I'm still in awe and feeling refreshed. Check out why every woman should visit this garden for herself.


Weekend Round Up

Weekend Round featuring Afrikan Koncious Festival, Trappyoke, & The Carolina Classic Hair & Fashion Show


I Combed Out My Locs

Two months in to this journey and I quit!! I quit listening to others and listened to my gut! There is a saying that goes "if you did it right the first time you wouldn't have to start over." So true in every area of life; for me it's this loc journey. I knew from…


Skater Girl

Who me? Yes me!! I'm a skater girl and it feels so good!! If you've been following me for some time now you'd know I can't keep still. I love to stay active and I love the outdoors. For the longest I've been wanting to get my feet in some skates and roll around my…


This time last week I was gearing up to head out to my first Her Habbkuk brunch. I’ve been following #HashtagFreeFoundation for about a year now, and I love what the brand stands for. Their mission is to “fortify African American and underserved communities through Fellowship, Resources, Education, and Empowerment.” With a mission like this…