5 Important Life Lessons Power Filled Retreat 2021 Taught Me

This time last weekend I was getting ready to head down to the Outer Banks, NC for a retreat that would forever change my life. Let me tell you all about what I learned and the life lessons I took away from it.

The PowerFilled Retreat was held at the gorgeous beach house in Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina. The vision and leader that brought this all together was Kenya Dunn. If you’re not familiar with Kenya Dunn it’s important to note that she established and built The Power Filled Woman. Her aim behind developing the Power Filled Woman was to create a full-service consulting operation that provides customized strategies for businesses and individuals. Through her experience in Fortune 100 companies she helps others navigate the path of career and business success. Kenya is a high impact, people-focused leader who is passionate about helping others reach their full potential. 

Photography by Tiffany Alway’s Traveling

One thing for sure is that I let the Powerfilled Retreat FULL! Not full from overeating but full from the wealth of knowledge that was poured into me from Kenya, the woman attending, and the amazing speakers. There were so many nuggets that were shared and gems that were imparted. Out of it all five life lessons impacted my heart and my spirit so much that I couldn’t not share.

Photography by Tiffany Alway’s Traveling

Five Life Lessons Power Filled Retreat 2021 Taught Me

# 1



I bet you’re wondering what’s my potent voice? Trust me I had that very same question ringing in my ears. To sum it up your potent voice is your ability to share your story and exude the power that lies within. This doesn’t happen overnight but continuously. The journey to understanding how to use your potent voice is a daily work in progress.



We are all familiar with the scripture “write the vision and make it plain” but how often do we keep it in front of us? Not often enough! If you’re like me you’ll write it down in a journal somewhere and never touch it again. My prayer is that you too would keep the vision in front of you! You need to see it daily so it can resonate in your spirit 24/7



You’re voice is just as unique as you are and that matter’s!! There is room for you at the table so long as you choose to show up. I don’t know about you, but I’m showing up and taking a seat. I’m not just taking a seat and sitting by quietly but, I’m raising my hand and letting my voice be heard. My story is unique and my voice gives breathe and life to those around me to be empowered. Use your voice my love the world is waiting to hear what you have to say.



Read that again but say it out loud. Every room you walk into needs you. You are. more than enough and more than capable of being there. Don’t allow doubt, fear, or the imposter syndrome to hold you captive any longer. Get up and go forth in the power that you have. It’s time out for playing shy or holding up the wall. It’s time for you to walk into every room with power, grace, and the knowledge that you are supposed to be there.



Listen my love to the sound that comes forth from your mouth. Not just the words but the tone, the energy, and the love it’s wrapped in. Your voice is beautiful, your voice is unique, and your voice is special. Listen so you can refine, fine tune, and perfect your craft. We can be our worst critics and listening will help us to see why people even listen to us in the first place. Sometimes the message you speak to others may be just for you once you settle down and tune in. In the past I’d always say I hate my voice but those words are no longer apart of my vocabulary. Now my confession is that I love my voice, my voice is unique, and the universe needs what I have.

I’ve walked away from the Power Filled Retreat a changed woman and I’m not going back. I’m walking forward in this light, power, and refreshed vision that’s mine. May you not miss the chance to be empowered and refreshed by all that takes place at the Power Filled Retreat next year. To find out more visit the links below.

* https://www.facebook.com/ThePowerFilledWoman

* https://www.linkedin.com/in/kenyadunn

Check out my VLOG coverage of the entire weekend below

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Tastemakers Takes The Seas

It’s been a almost 6months an dI absolutely love being apart of Tastemakers Chs. Tastemakers is Charleston’s Culinary Social Media Club that partner’s with charity programs. Tastemakers has 25 members & 300,000+ total followers . This amazing group was founded by Charolette Berger who specializes in  PR, Social Media, & Influencer Marketing. Most recently we set sail on Manta Luxury Yacht a 80 ft luxury yacht based out of Ripley Point Marina in Charleston, SC for an evening of fun.

The weather was beautiful and the skies were clear making it a gorgeous night out on the sea. We had delicious bites from Cudaco Seafood House. Sweet sips from Sea Salt Wines and Rusty Bull Beer. Our charity partner for the evening was Be A Mentor Non-Profit organization. I did my best to capture the night but nothing compares to being there and taking in every bite, sips, chat, and sight.

Raw Shrimp

Manta Yacht

Cajun Chips

Dress: Marshalls

Manta Yacht






Now for a look inside the Manta

It truly was a night to remember be sure to stay connected with Tastemakers Chs on Instagram and if you’re interested in a night on the Manta contact them over on their website https://mantayacht.org. Until next time grow and glow!


Morph Clothing

Happy March I’m so glad warmer days are here and a month of MORPH Clothing magic. MORPH Clothing is owned by a local Charleston designer who produces sustainable and ethically handmade clothing that can be worn in a multitude of beautiful ways. When one piece can serve as twenty, you simplify your life and reduce the negative impact of fast, throw-away fashion, on the environment. Follow along as I show you how I take this one dress and morph into countless other looks. It’s going to be a March month of #morphing say that three times fast.

What I love most about my Morph Capsule dress is it’s versatility. With a busy schedule like mine sometimes I don’t feel like changing, oh but wait no more running home to swap outfits. I can morph anywhere at anytime. That’s a huge win in my book. Today I’m showing you how I take this one dress and switch it up enjoy and be sure to shop this gorgeous dress.

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So quick, easy, and comfortable. Stay tuned over on Instagram to see more images of the various looks in my Morph Capsule Dress. When shopping for your very own Morph dress be sure to use my special discount code Narcisa15 for 15%. Until next time enjoy and happy Morphing.


Look Fab In Fabletics

Lately I’ve been living in workout clothes and loungewear. If you’re working from home like me I know you are too, honestly who isn’t? My collection is constantly growing and my favorite of all is Fabletics. I love the comfort, the quality, and the fab looks. If you’re not sure what to get today I’m sharing a few of my favorite pieces from Fabletics.

Jody Mock Pullover Set

This is set is phenomenal I love the versatility of it and how breathable the material is.

High-Waisted SculptKnit Essential Legging Set

High waisted leggings make me so happy. The comfort in knowing my tummy area is secure and snatched is priceless.

Malia Polar Fleece Pullover

In this set who cares if the temps drop? You’ll be warm and cozy in their crew-neck pullover. Pair it with their pink set and you’re good to go.

Kamila Seamless Long Sleeve Set

I’m taking my workout looks to another level with this fierce top, featuring a jacquard snake print set and you can too.


2-Piece Outfit

This yellow set is a stunner. Their buster-inspired bra features molded cups and eye-catching trim. You can pair it with buttery-soft leggings and you’ll be best-dressed on the mat!

I can’t wait to hear which one is your favorite down in the comments. You can grab your very own Fabletics 2 leggings for $24 deal with VIP membership sign-up. Join the Fabletics team you won’t regret it.


Good Molecules

With a name like good molecules you’d hope they live up to the name. Good molecules reached out to me over on Instagram in regards to a review over a year ago. I’m so glad that they did because my skin has never been better. What stood out to me most from the brand was that their products are not tested on animals and eco-friendly. Well I’m here to let you know that they live up to their name with good products. Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite products.

Hydrate & Cleanse Bar is an ultra-gentle, soap-free cleansing bar that purifies and hydrates skin at the same time. I use this when I see break outs on the horizon.

Formulated without soap or harsh cleansing agents and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive. Great for everyday usage.

Rosewater Daily Cleansing Gel gently purifies skin of dirt, oil, and makeup without disrupting its natural moisture balance. I use this as a double cleanse system.

Formulated with fruit enzymes, vitamin C, and rice powder to soften, brighten, and gently exfoliate. This helps remove keratin proteins from the skin’s surface to reveal brighter, fresher skin. Perfect for exfoliating three times a week.

Promote bright, even skin and less visible pores with this alcohol-free toner from Good Molecules. This toner works wonders on my skin.

Maintain a bright, even-toned complexion with this Daily Brightening Serum from Good Molecules. Great for morning usage.

Promote smooth, even skin and minimize the appearance of pores with Niacinamide Serum. I love using this to help smooth my skin before makeup application.  

Brighten and plump the skin with this lightweight, hydrating facial oil. I use this every night and I wake up to soft skin.

Replenish your skin’s moisture content with Hyaluronic Acid Serum from Good Molecules. Another favorite serum of mine.

Revitalize and energize tired, puffy eyes with this soothing eye gel from Good Molecules. My eyes always look awake after using this eye gel.

Formulated with macadamia seed oil, shea butter, and a naturally derived silicone alternative, this lightweight daily moisturizer works to strengthen, condition, and protect skin from environmental stress—all while creating a smooth, plumped-up canvas for flawless makeup application.

I haven’t tried this but it’s on my list. It’s know to soothe irritated, blemish-prone skin with the help of this weightless gel cream. Good Molecules BHA Clarify Gel Cream is formulated with a blend of salicylic acid to fight breakouts, green tea and centella asiatica extracts to calm, and pomegranate and grapeseed oils to hydrate without clogging pores.

Having a set skincare routine will change the way you feel and the way you look. If you’re looking for a skincare line to meet your needs then look no further than Good Molecules. Check out my latest video featuring these very products. Until next time enjoy


Merry christmas

A very Merry Christmas from my heart to yours. 2020 is on its way out and although it did bring us constant unrest I challenge you to focus on the blessings. It will take some effort and hard-work but it will be worth it. Once you write down even the smallest blessings your eyes will be open to finding all the good 2020 brought your way. Everyday I make a conscious decision to highlight my blessings and it’s done wonders for my life. May your Christmas be love filled and oh so yummy. Love on the ones near and dear this Holiday season. Thank you for supporting me right here on the blog and on social media. I don’t take it for granted at all. I’m off to enjoy my Christmas until next time xoxo


Last minute gift guide

Whew we made it to Christmas week and I couldn’t be more excited. I pray you are too no matter what 2020 threw at us here we are. As many say “it’s the most wonderful time of the year”. Our holiday spirits are on high and so should our desire to be a blessing. Maybe you haven’t had time to grab a gift or you’re at a loss on what to get. Look no further because today I’m sharing a few black owned businesses you can support. Check out these shops for your last minute gifts.

An amazing Spa Package

From Rebel Fresh

Yummy Sweets

From Swank Desserts

Stellar Style

From LewksBoutique843

Vegan/Vegetarian Private Chef Services

From Jessica Boutte of Converting the Carnivores

A few gifts to lift the spirits and leave your loved ones looking stylish, eating healthy, feeling refreshed and cute. No matter how late you are with a gift it’s the thought that counts. Be sure to let your loved ones know you thought of them.


This is for you

Everything happens in it’s appointed time. Read that again everything and anything that happens happens for that set time and season. I’m living a witness that the things I wanted didn’t come when I wanted them to. They came when I was ready and most importantly when God saw fit. Often times we try our best to make things happen now especially in this microwave generation. Let me remind you patience is a virtue that we all can work on. It’s not easily attained but when practiced right it’s worth it.

2020 has showed us all that we don’t make the rules life does. Enjoy the journey take the L’s and turn them into wins one day at a time. In a few weeks everything we’ve dealt with in 2020 will be behind us and 2021 will bring it’s own trials and triumphs. Whatever you’re going after go hard and whatever you want now trust the timing of life. There are a few well known quote that goes in line with this very concept

One day you’ll be staring at the blessing you used to always dream about

Pray, wait, trust.

You ever stopped and thought “wow, I prayed for this. It’s here. It’s happening.”

Let me be the first to tell you when you can actually quote those sayings it feels amazing. I’m in that season of life where the things I prayed for are unfolding right before my eyes. May you embrace where you are so you can appreciate the answer to what you prayed for.


Steeplechase Style

Steeplechase of Charleston is one of the biggest horse races here in the Lowcountry. Horses are such beautiful creatures and to see them close up is absolutely breathtaking. When the chance to come out as a featured blogger came knocking at my door I couldn’t resist. Not only is Steeplechase of Charleston known for it’s horse races but the style. Every year you can be sure to see a sea of hats and top notch style. There was no way I wasn’t show up on the scene with a hat myself.

Dresses are my go to look for its ease of style and versatility. After rummaging through my closet I found the cutest dress to pair with my fav hat and knee high boots. This wasn’t my first rodeo so I knew I needed to grab a comfy shawl. This time of year in Charleston the weather is bit chilly and unpredictable. Off I went cute, comfy, and ready for a day at the races.

This race day wouldn’t have been the same without my girl The Fashionable Traveler. I can always count on her for a good time no matter what the occasion is. We saddled up our car with bites, sips, and sweets straight to Steeplechase. This year with COVID 19 lingering around Steeplechase of Charleston setup safe measures to ensure we’d all have a great time while staying safe. To do that they turned this years theme into a tailgate style and it was so much fun. Each group had their own socially distanced parking space to setup and enjoy.

We pulled up to our spot and setup house to enjoy our yummy bites and sip delightful beverages. For my first tailgating experience I had the best bites and sips hands down. Reaching out to Chs Coastal Charcuterie and The Cocktail Bandits was a win.

First up our lovely charcuterie board

I bet your’e drooling right now it was so good!! Next for sips we had the best drink pouches provided by The Cocktail Bandits.

Needless to say we were full and feeling good. We took a stroll down the vendor lanes before the race and snapped a few pics along the way.

Before I knew it the race began and the horses were off to claim their crowns. It was such a lovely experience from start to finish. We left exhausted with a heart full of good times and sweet memories. Thank you to Touchpoints Communications and Steeplechase Of Charleston for another year of great fun.


A Joyous Occasion by Joyous Soirees

Friday October 9, 2020 I attended a joyous occasion held by Joyous Soirees. It was a night in bohemian paradise and I couldn’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be. As any influencer would I turned to Pinterest and Youtube for outfit inspiration. After much debate I went with a look straight from Amazon for the win.

Shop This Top

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Like the boo hoo boss babe that I am I scurried to the main event and was whisked away from reality. Let me take you back…

Everything was beautifully done and the theme was sprinkled in every detail. The weather was perfect for this backyard bohemian oasis filled with love, laughter, and great food. I’m a sucker for sweets and she nailed it with her cake straight from Charleston’s finest bakery Swank Desserts.

This time of celebration was priceless I’m blessed to be surrounded by so many talented women walking in their purpose and shining their light. My weekend was simply amazing if you’re looking for an event planner look no further than Joyous Soirees.


Everything You Need To Know About SKATE STYLE

Here’s everything you need to know about skate style. For starters tapping into your unique skate style will take time along with trial and errors. Like anything else in life we have to learn what works for us. My skate style is what makes me unique and what makes me stand out. Just like everyday fashion skater fashion is no different. It’s all about what speaks to you! To get things going I thought I’d gather together some of my favorite looks.

First up my all time favorite two piece biker short set in my favorite color yellow

I love how soft it feels against my skin and how breathable the material is. When skating you don’t want to be uncomfortable or feel like your stuck in an outfit that you can’t move around in. This one is my go to summer skate style for those hot summer days.

Next up is my favorite set thus far. Nothing compares to when you find that perfect set. Well ladies and gentlemen this set right here is it for me. In all honesty I could get rid of all my other set and just live right here in this.

This set snatches my waist and feels so good against my body. I snagged this piece for my birthday and whew you couldn’t tell me nothing on my skates. We all need that one look that makes us feel like we’re on top of the world. For me this one does that and so much more.

These next two sets are rather new to my collection and I have yet to test them out on my skates. This green set is very similar to the peach set in the fabric and the way it snatches my waist. I love that it has sleeves considering we are going into fall and it’s much cooler out. Overall it’s super cute and wears well as I did go bike riding in it yesterday morning.

This final set in my skater style is definitely going to get some good use this fall. It’s my first ever Fabletics set and I can totally see what all the rave is about with this brand.

The color and pattern is what sold me on first sight and I knew I had to have it. Wearing fun prints and just mixing it up is so much fun. This sets long sleeve option is great for these fall months and transitioning into winter. I can’t wait to jump in my skates and give this set a run for its money.

Well ladies that sums up my current sater style. Let me know which one is your favorite. If you’re a skater I’d love to hear about your skate style down in the comments.

Shop These Looks

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Circa 1886

I’ve lived in Charleston now for almost 10yrs and I’m still discovering new places and new restaurants. Most recently I had a great night out with my dear friend The Fashionable Traveler at Circa 1886. It’s a small but quaint restaurant hidden downtown in it’s own secret garden. Located in the original carriage house of the historic Wentworth Mansion. Upon entry I was blown away by the greeney of the beautiful archways. I knew we were in for a wonderful night filled with great food and good conversation.

The menu was filled with various starters and entrees I wouldn’t eat on a regular basis which I loved. Having a menu like this cause a slightly picky eater like myself to step outside of my comfort zone. My mind was set to launch out into the deep and be adventurous with my selections.

If you look closely at the menu you’ll see that there are four sections “Taste of Native Tribes, Influences From Europe, Flavors Brought From Africa, and South Carolina Today.” I made my selections from the “Flavors Brought From Africa” section. To be quite honest I was torned on what to get because everything sounded so lovely in the end I was extremely satisfied. For my starter I opted for the “Heart Of Palm and Turnip Soup.”

This soup was subtle in taste yet rich with many flavors and oh so warming. It was the perfect start to a very tasty meal. We were sent the chef’s special after our starter’s to hold us over for our entrees. This small bite was the smallest sip of soup with the biggest punch of flavor.

It went down so fast and so smooth all in second. After much chat and debating over our main course we finally made our decisions. For my course I went with the “Shrimp n’ Rice Grits” these grits were made with cabbage leaves, burden creek dairy goat cheese, smoked ham hock gravy, and scallions. Sounds delightful and fully doesn’t it!? Let me be the first to say it truly was.

It’s safe to say I’ve found my new favorite spot for “Shrimp n Grits” hands down this was the absolute best I’ve ever had. From the crisp of the cabbage to the savory gravy it all blended together so nicely. A few drinks in and the comfort of a great meal I needed something sweet to end the night per usual. My final order of the night was the Chocolate Souffle made of , toasted marshmallow anglaise, and malted barley chocolate ice cream.

The perfect dessert to end a perfect night out. If you’re looking for a lovely restaurant for a date night or a girls night out look no further Circa 1886 is it. May your week be a sweet as my dessert was.


Carrying It Forward

Growing up I always witnessed my parents paying it forward. There isn’t a moment in my childhood that I cannot recall my parents blessing others. There were times when we’d leave church as a family of five and return home as a family of seven or eight. My peers always wanted to enjoy my mom’s home cooking or listen to my dad tell corny jokes. Witnessing their love and open arms has shaped me into the woman I am today. A woman who opens her doors and her heart to those in need.

Today I’m carrying it forward in honor of my dad, my brother, and the countless men and women in my family that serve this country. Coming from a family where my dad is a retired Major and my brother a medically discharged vet I’ve seen first hand their hard work and dedication. As a family we are grateful that their lives have gone untouched however, many of our cousins have been wounded during their time of service. Most recently I learned about the opportunity to join forces with Wounded Warrior Project to bring awareness and to take part in their virtual 5k race. The Wounded Warrior Project is a charity and veterans service organization that offers a variety of programs, services and events for wounded veterans of the military actions following September 11, 2001 which operates as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. Warriors are near and dear to my heart so I couldn’t help but join in.

My Dad & My Hero

You too can join in and help raise funds towards this non- profit organization helping wounded warriors near and far. You’ll sign up and take part in the virtual 5k run. This is a great opportunity to get kids off their screens and participate in something meaningful. As we gear up for the school year we can encourage our children to honor our warriors. As a family you can talk about making a conscious decision to appreciate the bravery and sacrifice of the military and understand the meaning of service; kids could run/walk with a parent or as a family you could create a relay and pass something that you will carry in honor of a military loved one to the next person. There are so many ways to take part in this life-changing event and pay it forward.

Joining the virtual race allows you to build community and sign up with you city or the virtual team. Below you can see which cities have a link

Carry Forward San Diego

Carry Forward Nashville

Carry Forward Jacksonville

Carry Forward Virtual

I’ll be supporting wounded warriors and their families for the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) Carry Forward 5K in Jacksonville. When our freedom is threatened, the bravest among us step forward to protect us. Often, these servicemen and women return home with visible and invisible wounds. The mission at WWP is to honor and empower wounded warriors. 

I’m asking you to join me in helping put the mission in motion. Take action for injured veterans. Give what you can. Every bit helps transform the way warriors are empowered, employed, and engaged in our communities. Just click the button above and you’re on your way to helping wounded warriors take on their next mission. Thank you in advance for supporting me, and more importantly, supporting lifesaving programs for wounded warriors and their families.

This post is made possible with support from the Wounded Warrior Project. All opinions are my own


Girls Night Out At Butcher & Bee

It’s like the universe knew I needed a girls’ night out full of great eats, laughter, and love. It was an intense first week of being back to school and I needed that mid-week picker uper. After a group text from my girls, with time and location, I was ready to head out to Butcher & Bee. There I was back in the swing of getting dressed up to go kick it with my girls. For a moment it felt like life pre-Covid then reality set in when I grabbed my mask. I didn’t let that stop me from enjoying the moment of getting dolled up to enjoy great bites with great friends.

This was my first time at Butcher & Bee and my what curb appeal. The signature bees were painted on the ground leading us right to their main entrance from the parking lot. The outdoor ambiance was so captivating and perfect for a night out. One thing I love about living in Charleston is the scenic views and the feel of being on vacation 24/7. This restaurant had me feeling like I was miles away from home. We found the cutest table in the middle of the patio and started drooling over the menu.

A few oohs and ahhs later I decided on starting off with a nice drink. My eyes were dead set on their “First It’s Sour” Buzzed Shaved Ice the sound of bourbon, blackberry, lemon, and agostura bitters was sweet to my ears. So glad I went with my first instincts because this was sweet and savory.

Next up was our appetizers there we so many to choose from that I struggled. After chatting it up with the ladies I opted for the hummus. For me, hummus is always a win especially with chips the perfect go-to app. Yet again they delivered with this creamy and crunchy hummus thanks to their addition of fried chickpeas. This paired so lovely with the pita bread a great start to get my appetite going.

We dipped and tasted all the apps and by far I must say my hummus hit the spot. I knew I wanted a little something light to follow up before the big meal so I couldn’t resist their “Avocado Crispy Salad” this salad was mixed with Carolina Gold crispy rice, seasonal greens, peanuts, and serrano chiles. As an avocado lover, I had to try it and boy was I in for a treat. This salad exceeded my expectations in every which way. The crispy rice mixed with the lettuce and the avocados were amazing. There was an option to add protein so we went with the shrimp and that was the perfect punch.

One would think after all these appetizers I’d be full but I was set for my main course. Making this choice was a no brainer once I spotted their “Messy” Veggie Burger & Fries on the menu. This burger came with caramelized onions, B&B pickles, cashew cheese, and a seeded roll. To make my order a bit different I subtracted cheese and the roll for a bed of lettuce. This switch-up was the icing on the cake.

This was a great night out with my girls and a meal I’ll never forget. A huge thanks to the Cocktail Bandits for bringing myself and The Fashionable Traveler together for a great night out. I’ll definitely be heading back to Butcher & Bee without a doubt. Cheers to newfound favorites and a time well spent with my loves. Be sure to follow me over on my Instagram account for all things veg ChsVeggieBae


Talk With Him Sis!

Sunday August 23, 2020 I strapped up my skates and did a few a spins. Not to long after my dad decided to go for a walk and of course I joined him. As he walked and I skated he gave me tips and tricks along the way. My dad was a pro back in his day so I tuned in. Growing up I remember going to Empire Roller Skating Rink for various events and family nights. Watching my dad and mom show their skills when it was adults skate was so much fun. Fast forward and here I was learning from the best. Most recently I’ve been teaching myself spins,skating backwards, and crossovers. Lucky for me my dad taught me all of those in one evening. What he didn’t know was that he taught me so much more than skating but a spiritual lesson as well.

On our way down the hill the Holy Spirit impressed upon my heart how God does the very same thing. He walks with us along life’s journey and is there encouraging us on every step. Most of all He wants us to know that He’ll never leave us nor forsake us. On my way up my dad was there holding my hand while teaching me to skate backwards. He encouraged me and said I’m here don’t worry if you fall. That’s exactly what our heavenly Father does whisper to us that even if we fall He’s right there to catch us. As I grew in my confidence to stop, turn, and do a crossover I did it without his help. There I was on my own two feet strutting my stuff and in the back I heard my dad say you got it! I looked back and saw how far away he was yet it felt like he was right there. It was a sweet reassurance and a reminder that as I talked with my dad along the way so should I talk with Christ. It may seem like we are on our own in difficult time sbut trust He’s right there. He’s waiting for us to call out to Him and invite him along our walks. He wants to hold our hand, encourage us, and watch us take the steps all on our own. So I implore you to talk with Him sis!



When’s the last time you took a road trip? I know the state of our world is sketchy and questionable. One thing we can choose to do is be wise in our decision making. I knew a road trip to see my cousin was long overdo. With my sister in town we both agreed let’s do it. Off we went to Fayetteville, NC

Who knew a day trip would turn into a weekend getaway. Thank goodness I always pack a lite bag just in case. A quick three hour trip and boom there we were in Fayetteville kicking it. As stated this was totally spontaneous but yet all in Gods plan. Our weekend was filled with heartfelt conversations on the state of our world, dating, health, and much more. It was what we all needed and a blessing to encourage each other. In the midst of great conversations we ate, watched Black is King, and got out.

Fayetteville Botanical Gardens isn’t far from where my cousin lives and the perfect place to tour. The grounds were well kept and absolutely breathtaking. Check out a few pictures below

It was an absolutely beautiful day in a beautiful garden. If you haven’t I highly suggest a visit. It was the getaway I needed right before I get back to work.



Are you seeing anyone? Don’t you want to remarry? Don’t you want children? You’re getting older you know! A few questions and statements I hear way too often. It use to bother me, but I’ve become numb to them. Please, don’t feel sorry or concerned for me at all. Dating is and can be fun, but I’m not interested in dating at this very season in my life.

The truth is I’m not interested in dating – I’m interested in courting. What’s courting? Courting is the purposeful intent to develop trust and to build a healthy relationship with marriage as the end goal. With courting, both parties are more vested in the relationship because of the time and effort put into being with one another. As opposed to the questions and statements I started with, folks should try saying these things. How are you treating yourself these days? You look great! Keeping yourself healthy? Tell me about your current projects.

Those comments to me show more concern, compassion, and consideration. So now, I bet you’re wondering if I’m courting? Hmmm, let me ponder. I am, lol. I’m courting myself and taking time to develop a healthy relationship with trusting me, caring for me on a deeper level, and spending time to hear what God is saying to me in this season. What does dating me look like? It looks like quiet time in the word, writing in my journal, random dance sessions and of course the occasional outings.

For the past few weeks I decided to get back into the habit of doing a fun outing for myself. Most recently I took myself on a date to my favorite restaurant, a walk in the park, and a beach night. Of course I snapped pics and did some vlogs, but most of all I enjoyed being with me. If you can’t have fun by yourself, or just trust yourself, you truly can’t do it with a companion. Hit play on my beach vlog and check out my photos from my lunch date and walk stroll.

My time will come but until then I’m sowing into myself and tuning my ears to what God is saying.


The Continuous Journey Of Becoming

I remember like it was yesterday sitting across from a man I once knew when he uttered the words, “I want to start life over; I don’t want this.” In that moment my heart dropped and my world shattered. In that moment I knew I had to become someone different. A few weeks later, I found myself in the midst of a divorce and an opportunity to redefine my life. For some reason, I started a board on Pinterest titled “Becoming Her,” where I kept quotes on encouragement and inspiration. This board then became the hashtag I used on Facebook for a season (#becomingher). I was determined to become a better version of myself.

Who was this her? Her was me working towards becoming the woman God wants me to be mind, body, soul, and spirit! A heart of love and grace from above . What I didn’t know was me becoming her wouldn’t happen overnight or after reading a few great books. Becoming her is a continuous journey, and one I’m still on today. A journey I didn’t know I needed and one for which I didn’t sign up. On this journey I made a conscious decision to become better and not bitter. Going through a divorce sucks, but the truth is you can either stay stuck or get moving. Clearly, I choose the later and made a mental note to never become bitter. I believe in love and all that it takes.

In addition to declaring I will be better and not bitter I created a daily pattern of things I’d do to become the renewed version I saw in my head. The vision was blurry BUT it was a vision. A vision that’s still unfolding. While it unfolds I often go back to those daily checklists of confessing over myself that I am 

  • better  
  • healed
  • renewed 
  • smart 
  • beautiful 
  • and much more 

I wrote these confessions on my mirror so I’d face myself and speak doubt and fear out of my life. Doubt and fear of the unknown. The unknown of what would my life look like and what would become of me? How would I be viewed by my family, friends, and community? The fear of being labeled, criticized, talked about, spoken bad of; oh and the one that often crossed my mind, being labeled as a failure.  All of these ideas came from a place of fear, a place I knew I didn’t want to reside; a place I knew I had to “x” out of my life.  

Hence my decision to be better and not bitter. My pocket-sized journal went with me everywhere. In moments where I’d hear words of doubt and the lies spoken to me, I’d turn to it. In this journal were scriptures and confessions that would cast out fear in an instant as we know God’s word has power. 

The journey to becoming isn’t always easy it’s filled with tears and hard work, but it must be done. It’s a continuous journey of reshaping and remolding. As the great Michelle Obama said…..

For me, becoming isn’t about arriving somewhere or achieving a certain aim. I see it instead as forward motion, a means of evolving, a way to reach continuously toward a better self. The journey doesn’t end.”

Michelle Obama, Becoming

I encourage you to do the work. The journey is rewarding and filled with countless opportunities to grow. So I ask you what hard work are you avoiding on your journey? 


Hey Sis,

Pull up a chair grab your tea and let’s chat. Today I’m sharing my heart because it’s been burning inside of me for quite so long. After having multiple conversations surrounding this topic I decided it’s time. Time to clear the air and just clear my heart. You ever had this unsettling feeling of something you need to say and/or share? Well, that’s me!

Sis, I’m not your competition. Let me say that again. I am not your competition. So, what am I? I’m your…







and comrade.

Whew! That felt good to get off my chest. So often women feel like we have to compete with each other, and it’s so not true. There is room for all of us to win in every area of life. If there’s room for McDonalds, Wendys, Burger King, Arby’s, and so much more; then there is room for all of us in any field we choose. You have a unique voice that I could never have and vice versa. Your audience is following you because they like what YOU have to offer. My audience follows me because they like what I have to offer.

Being the youngest of three I grew into being the peace maker. My friends will vouch that I’m the one to extend grace and give second chances. One things for sure, I’m not competitive – I’m confident. Confidence is key for every one. I’m confident in who I am at this very moment and in what I do. There is no need to look to the left or the right. My eyes are focused on my journey and continued growth. While focusing on those things I’m cheering others on so they too can be great.

I’m wholeheartedly rooting for all of us. I’m rooting for community because it brings unity and growth for everyone. I’m rooting for success, and more importantly; I’m rooting for you.

“We have to find a way to continue to lift other women up in our worlds and in our lives as much as possible.”

Michelle obama

Plantain Lasanga

Plantain lasagna is better known as Pastelon. This dish originates from Puerto Rico and is a casserole dish similar to Italian lasagna. The meal is layered with sweet plantains, ground beef, tomato-based sauce, and cheese. I’m not a fan of ground beef so I swapped the beef for beans. Check out my revamped recipe below.


  • Olive Oil 1 Tbsp
  • I Cans Of Black Beans or Refried Black Beans
  • 2 Ripe Plantains
  • 1/2 Onion Chopped
  • 1/2 Garlic Chopped
  • 1/2 Cup Cilantro Chopped
  • 1 Bag Of Mexican Shredded Cheese
  • 1 Bunch of Fresh Kale

Preparation Method

Drain Cans Of Beans and set aside.

Chop seasonings- garlic, onions, cilantro, celery, and sweet peppers. Sautee seasonings in Olive Oil until soft. Add drained beans to seasonings and sprinkle salt, pepper, garlic powder to the mixture. Allow beans to soften for a few then mash beans until all beans are no longer whole.

Preheat oven to 350

Slice plantains to 1/2inch cuts and fry til golden brown on both sides. Remove from oil to lined paper towel plate to drain excess oil.

Remove bean mixture from the fire.

Take a square pan and rub with olive oil

Rinse and chop fresh kale then set aside.

Here is where you’ll begin to layer the pan with your plantains, beans, kale, then cheese. you repeat this process until the pan is full. Once on the final layer sprinkle with cheese for topping. Place in oven to bake for 15 to 30 minutes.

Remove from oven let cool flip onto plate slice and enjoy. I usually eat this with a yummy avocado salad and a side of fried yuca.

This time around I only used plantains, beans, and cheese…

Well I’m off to enjoy the rest of this dish because yeah it will hold you for a few days. Let me know if you give it a try xoxo


My Raised Garden Bed

It’s official I’ve inherited my mothers green thumb. From childhood I’ve watched my mother bring our home to life with plants big and small. Helping my mother tend to her garden boxes and flower pots was our way of bonding. Looking back I didn’t recognize the value of our time or the lessons I’d learn. I most definitely didn’t see myself having my very own rasised Garden bed today.

Here I am sharing my growing love for gardening and growing my own food. I bet you’re wondering what’s a raised garden bed? Well, it’s when a planting bed sits on top of your existing soil. This can be anywhere from just a few inches tall to waist-high (or higher), and can be made of many different materials. Usually, there’s room left around the outside of each bed so you can walk around it (not in it), which allows the soil to stay loose and fluffy instead of compacted. That’s important, since roots grow best when the there’s room for air and water to move easily through the soil.

There are many different types of raised beds. Traditional raised bed frames are usually wood or sturdy plastic, but they can also be made with cinder blocks, stones, patio pavers, bricks, or broken concrete pieces. Basically, you can create one to match your own style and landscape, using purchased or reclaimed materials. Some raised beds also come in kits to make it much easier.

For my raised garden bed I had it custom-made out of wood planks. I purchased the planks from Loews and left the rest up to the carpenter. It came out exactly how we discussed and is now my new vegetable garden. For my first harvest I decided to grow butternut squash, cabbage, red potato, white potatoes, okra (my favorite) tomatoes, sweet peppers, sweet potatoes, and cilantro. It sounds like a lot but my raised garden bed is big enough for all of my vegetables. Check them out below

Head over to my instagram page Chsveggiebae where I share more of my garden and love for vegetables. I hope you enjoyed this post all about my raised garden bed.


It’s Your Glowing Season

Seasons come and go but this season should stay forever. You’ve been through the ups, downs, ins and outs. Now you’re here glowing, skin popping, and goals in sight. This is where you were meant to be all along.

Despite the pain of your past it pushed you to your purpose.  A purpose that’s flourishing and taking you higher than you’ve imagined. The journey to where you are hasn’t been easy but it was worth it.

How do I know? I’ve been there, lived it, and I’m here to tell in 3 easy steps how to own it. Despite what’s going on worldwide many women are taking back their crowns and glowing up. No need to question your season just embrace it in these 3 steps.

1. Let it go– I let go of the hurt, I let go of putting myself in a box, and I let go of my insecurities. Letting go was my first step.
2. Make a plan– a plan to move on and make the best of life. A plan to go hard for me and no one else. Whatever the plan is, make it and commit to it.
3. Enjoy the moments- there will be moments of pure bliss when you’re thinking to yourself; “is this my life?”; ” Look at God”, then there will be moments where tears flood your face and you just want to melt away. Whatever the moment, enjoy it, it’s all a part of the Glow up!

I’m happy to say it’s going to forever be my glowing season because these three things are on rotation for me. I’ve made it a purpose to live my life this way and just Glow! I remember the first time I shared my heart via live and how nervous I was to tell the world but I’m glad I did. Today I’m riding the waves of life all while glowing. I  hope these help you as they’ve helped me to grow and glow! 


How To: DIY Shoe Wall

For the longest I’ve been thinking of ways to store my shoes and create more space. My closet floor was full of shoes and becoming a bit cluttered. After tripping over a fews shoes in my closet I decided it was high time to make some changes. TikTok has become my favorite go to app for home decor and styling tips. There are so many great home styling accounts on TikTok. It took one video for the idea to pop in my head and become a reality.

Everyone loves Ikea for all things home storage with a clean crisp look, but not me. Walmart is my Ikea for a way better price and easy access. The Ikea Billy Bookcase is the look I was going for bust instead I found the perfect dupe at Walmart. Mainstay is Walmart’s well known home brand and one that hasn’t failed me yet. Most of my bedroom furniture came straight from that line. The quality is top notch and their prices don’t burst my wallet. Here’s a tip the prices in store are always cheaper than online and you don’t worry about shipping. After researching I went to my local Walmart and purchased the Mainstay Orion Wide 5-Shelf Bookcase in white for $22.88.

Let’s get into the how to:

1. Find a suitable space in your room or location of your choosing for bookshelf. I went with the wall alongside my bed to store the bookshelf.

2.Decide on how many you will be getting and measure out the space. You can find the width and length of the bookshelf online.

3.Purchase your bookshelf from either online or in store. As stated previously I went with an in store purchase.

4.Clear out space for bookshelf and start putting it together. Recruit help if needed.

5.Place shoes on bookshelf any way you choose.

6.Enjoy your new shoe display

Check out a timelapse of me creating my shoe wall display below

Now I have a beautiful shoe wall display in my room. It’s been super easy for me to see what I have and how I’ll style it. Let me know if you give it a try and tag me in it. I can’t wait to see what you create.


Ten Things To Do During Quarantine

As most of the world lets up I’m still staying in. It’s crazy to think that just yesterday we were living lives per usual going to work, spending time with family, attending church services, and shopping. Here we are today living a life we could have never imagined. One where we are encouraged to stay indoors and spend time with our families and ourselves. Being alone may be the hardest thing for some of us to do. If you’re not sure what to do with all your time try these out:

1.Get organized

2.Read a book


4.Take a free online course

5.Cleanse your system

6.Clean your closet

7.Snag those quarantine online deals

8.Create a vision board

9.Enjoy your family

10.Just chill

It’s been a long journey on this quarantined life, in the midst of it all I’m grateful. That list wasn’t just a cute suggestion it’s what I’ve done to help keep myself sane. Quarantine isn’t easy it’s been a seriously long road for many people. Don’t stress yourself and take it one day at a time. These are only my suggestions do what you can to make you happy. We’re all in this together I’m continually praying for our nation and our healing.


My Groupon Steals

Most recently I went browsing on Groupon and stumbled upon a great steal. Groupon is known for deals but to me this was a huge steal especially for jewelry. Living in the south I’ve noticed rocking your monogrammed initials is a big trend. Thanks to Groupon I’m “#trending” as the youngins say. Finally I have my own monogram accessories.

I went with my initials NM for the obvious Narcisa Maura. Initially I wanted to go with something different but I decided to stick with my name. I snagged the deal on Groupon but completed my purchase through Monogram Hub. My purchases consisted of their Spaced Letter Name Necklace and Two 1.5 Initial Statement Necklace.

My spaced Letter Name Necklace

I love the clean spaced looked on this Letter Name Necklace. This necklace would go great with a cowl neck, strapless, or boat neck. It gives the look of a choker and lays nicely on the collar bone. Icing on the cake I got it for $8.99 which was the shipping cost. The actual cost of the necklace was $39.99 you can’t tell me that’s not a steal.

Two 1.5 Initial Statement Necklace

This set is my favorite I love the layered look. Sidebar: Fuchsia is my second favorite color I love the way it made this necklace pop. This longline necklace will look good with just about anything. My favorite tops to wear with long necklaces are strapless, v neck, and deep v. Just like my first purchased I only paid $8.99 for shipping. The full price for the necklace was $24.99 another steal.

There you have it my amazing Groupon steals. There are countless items in my closet from Groupon but these purchases are my absolute favorite. Head over to Groupon and snag your very own steals. Thank me later


Virtual Reality

The reality is in these times we are all tuned in virtually. The world wide web has never been so widely used in the history of its time than now. My reality is that during these past few months I’ve gained my “quarantine fifteen.” In all honesty, I probably haven’t gained an extra fifteen pounds. BUT it sure feels like I have. Those fifteen pounds are on my heels, and I have decided to get running. Not in the literal sense, but in the, “ok it’s time to put in the work.,” matter of speaking.

Putting in work for me consists of getting a routine. In order to establish my new routine, I got reconnected with a childhood acquaintance for some virtual training. We teamed up and went full throttle. He gave me clear details on what we’d be doing beforehand and during our time training. My main concerns were toning; and of course, shaking off the weight in my stomach. One thing that stands out to me when working with a trainer is their ability to keep me engaged. He definitely nailed it! Check out our some of our workouts below, because seeing is believing.

The workouts were great. I’ve already noticed some major changes. Our time together ended with a bang. Nevertheless, I’m continuing to work out on my own. Be sure to follow him on Instagram where he goes live twice a day (10am and 6pm) for a FREE full body workout of 45 powerful minutes.

Creating this workout routine with him truly helped me shed weight and keep the motivation. I am continuing my journey by doing something daily. My girlfriend started walking our local bridge twice a week. So, I joined her for the fun of it. It’s been about two months in and I’m loving it! Walking the bridge with her gives us girl time to chat, bond, and keep each other accountable. Working out has become a great way to stay in shape and keep calm during quarantine. Stay tuned for my upcoming blog for the non-virtual workout reality during a pandemic.


My Bedroom Foliage

Plants are my new best friends and it’s not surprising at all! Why not you ask? Well my mother is the queen of the garden. Ever since I can remember we’ve always had a garden in the front of the house and all around. My mother would always recruit me to help her plant whether I wanted to or not. Today I am glad she did because I’m warming up to the idea of taking on her love for gardening.

Meet “La Bella” her name has no meaning just one I came up with. For some reason we name all of our house plants. Call us crazy but their like family. La Bella is a snake plant and my first personal house plant. I’ve had her for a year and now she’s spreading her wings to fly. I water her whenever I remember because with a snake plant less is more.

This little lady doesn’t have a name and probably won’t. For now she’s my Little Lady. I’m not too sure as to what type of plant she is but she’s cute and just what I wanted. I needed two little plants for my two wicker candle holders. As we can see she fits perfectly. I water her whenever her soil is dry.

Meet “Princess” who’s sister is Little Lady. They came together as stated previously I needed two plants small enough for my wicker candle holders. Princess is much taller and her leaves stand up as opposed to her sister Little Lady who’s leave drop down. I water her the same time as LL.

They are each so pretty in their own way and add a breath of fresh air to my room. I especially love taking selfies with La Bella’s leaves peaking through. Now that everyone is stuck in the house bringing some of the outdoors in is so relaxing. My room is my comfort zone and these girls are my blessings.

Are you apart of the green thumb community? I’d love to know what kind of houseplant you have or dream of having.


IL Makiage Foundation Review

If you’re an Instagram user or Facebook lover than you know ads will get you. It’s been a long time since I fell victim of an ad but my time came. After seeing IL Makiage up and down my timelines I decided to give in and hit add to cart. The funny thing is I’ve never seen an influencer I’m familiar with review or try this product. One thing I do is rely on the input from my fellow influencers to see if it’s worth the hype or not. With no referrals or product review I decided to take a chance.

Taking chances is never any funny at first but finding something new is fun and exciting. I’m glad I took the chance to give IL Makiage a try because I absolutely love it. From the shopping experience to opening the package everything was well done!

I loved the top notch quality of their packages