Today I got my hair straightened for the first time since being natural. After careful research and watching tons of YouTube videos I was ready. To straighten my hair my stylist used the Basic One Boost System. This system is a fortified leave-in conditioning treatment comprised of Quinoa extract, which is highly enriched natural proteinContinue reading “Boosted”

The Natural Hair Community

Mourns the lost of Titi Branch a co-founder of the famous Miss Jessie’s natural hair line products. When I first started this journey back in 2006 Miss Jessie’s was my first set of go to products. My sister introduced me to their products and I feel in love. Their products works wonders and all are madeContinue reading “The Natural Hair Community”

Kinky, Curly, Me

I love my head of coils especially when they are popping after a wash n go and here is a pic of my Winter Wash & Go Here is a link to my YouTube video on what products I used for my wash & go➡️ I also did a super cute braidout for theContinue reading “Kinky, Curly, Me”

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