My Groupon Steals

Most recently I went browsing on Groupon and stumbled upon a great steal. Groupon is known for deals but to me this was a huge steal especially for jewelry. Living in the south I’ve noticed rocking your monogrammed initials is a big trend. Thanks to Groupon I’m “#trending” as the youngins say. Finally I haveContinue reading “My Groupon Steals”

Valentines Day Looks

It’s the most overrated yet most celebrated day of the year!! I’m no debbie downer but I do know love should be shared all year long. Love goes beyond one day, one card, one rose, and all the other store bought gifts. To me the best gift of all is time, communication, and honesty. However,Continue reading “Valentines Day Looks”

Thanksgiving Style

Sing it with me “You name it
I got beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes”

3 Ways To Have (A) More Appealing SUMMER LOOK

Summer 2019 is all about the hot girls, we are bringing the heat in this heat! What makes one a “hot girl”? well here are my 3 ways to appeal to the hot girl in you and own your summer looks!

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