Chico the Chihuahua my four legged baby!

January 7, 2017 Chico came into my life with a bang!! After searching and searching for a small dog I finally found him, or as “they” say “he found me.”

From day one we were joined at the hip.

Chico isn’t your average dog at all. He is full of life, character, and personality. Yes! I just said all that about a dog lol. It’s true each dog has its own little personality and though he is tiny he makes up for it in his BIG personality.

Chico is unlike any dog I’ve ever had, in that he truly loves toys! He runs up, down, back, and forth with his toys. Not only does he love his toys but he also loves to snuggle with mommy.

After having big dogs almost all my life having a little dog is the best!! One of the best parts is taking him just about everywhere with me. He rolls with me to the park, on a ride, or back home to NYC! He is the perfect little ride along dog!

We truly have a blast together! You can find more of Chico all over my insta stories! He even has his own highlight so be sure to hit that highlight and show Chico some love!! He  loves new toys and how could I forget he loves gifts just like his mommy!!