A Day For Me

A Day For Me

How often do we get a day to just enjoy nature and all the beauty that it holds? How often do we allow ourself to live in the moment? Not often enough if you ask me. When given the chance we should grab hold of it and enjoy every minute. Over the weekend I had [...]

Week 16

How many places have you lived? You can share the number of physical residences I have only lived in two different places New York City and Charleston, South Carolina. I have moved four different times total. Three times in NYC and once in Charleston. What type of music relaxes you the most? Humm I would [...]


I finally created a Facebook page! yay for me lol. I would love for you to head over and like my page. I love the community here on wordpress and I look forward to your continued support over on Facebook. I will be sharing photos, my blog entry's, videos, and more. Just click or copy [...]

Fun Facts

About me... 1) I am the youngest of 3 (they saved the best for last 😉) 2) I am a natural dancer (lyrical & African) 3) I am sorta kinda a vegetarian 4) I modeled and was featured in Metro Pops Magazine 5) I am an Afro- Latina woman. My mother is Honduranian and my [...]