Circa 1886

Circa 1886 fine dining in the low country with a twist.

Girls Night Out At Butcher & Bee

It’s like the universe knew I needed a girls’ night out full of great eats, laughter, and love. It was an intense first week of being back to school and I needed that mid-week picker uper. After a group text from my girls, with time and location, I was ready to head out to ButcherContinue reading “Girls Night Out At Butcher & Bee”

Plantain Lasanga

Plantain lasagna is better known as Pastelon. This dish originates from Puerto Rico and is a casserole dish similar to Italian lasagna. The meal is layered with sweet plantains, ground beef, tomato-based sauce, and cheese. I’m not a fan of ground beef so I swapped the beef for beans. Check out my revamped recipe below.Continue reading “Plantain Lasanga”

Covid Dining

Dining during covid, Yes I did that!

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