How to Say

   Scream it Shout it Write it Do a dance Sing a song Do the Hokie pokie Whatever you choose don't let this day pass without wishing your mother a very special Happy Mothers Day. If your a mom and your reading this I say to YOU Happy Mothers Day 🎊 Now go celebrate YOUR [...]


its Friday 🎉🎉🎉 and we are still here! We are still standing. Now that's a reason to praise God. I don't know what you encountered this week but by the Grace of God you Made It! We Made it! Go celebrate life and every wonderful blessing that comes from above. I am excited to see [...]

Living lovingDancing to the beat of my own drum. Allowing myself to be free Free to be who God created me to be. Vibrant bubbly and fully of energyA flower ever blooming reaching to higher heights. My arms embrace and my feet dance in His grace. Living loving myself naturally. Dancing to the beat of my own drum. 

It’s Monday….

I am starting from now. Now is the moment, now it the time. To change the course of my life that will blow my mind. Now is the season to be greater than before. Now is my chance to do my dance. Cease the moment and do it now!