Hello 2019

Hello 2019

Hi my name is Narcisa, and I'm ready for everything you have for me! I'm ready for flights, fun, food, fellowship, and love! Oops I said it out loud!! Yes, she's ready but she won't rush!! No need in rushing love takes time! Love that surrounds me in every area life! A love filled career, [...]


No matter what surrounds me you will never let go of meMy dreams, my life, my visions, my ideas are held in your hands. No matter what thoughts flood my mind your thoughts matter mostYour thoughts towards me are pure and filled with loveThis world may fade but your love remains the sameFriends may come and [...]

Bring Back Our Girls!

Gone with the hopes of returning home. Off to school they went Eager to learn and embrace knowledge Thinking of the future and what they could be filled with hope and determination. In an instant their dreams faded. Whisked away into the unknown No one knew what had become of their futures that once shone [...]

You Ever….

Had an idea and it left your mind? Or hoped for something then gave up? Many of us have great hopes, dreams, ideas, and visions that get lost. Well no worries God has not forgotten and He will allow those things to come to past in His perfect timing. However we need to take get [...]