Top 4 Dresses For National Dress Day

Happy National Dress day a day I love hands down! When it comes to finding a look I always head straight to the dress aisle. Why you ask? Well a dress is less stress. It's one piece and all you have to add are accessories and stellar shoes to complete your look. A dress is…

Essence Black Women in Music

A yearly awards celebration to recognize great work done by Black Women. It's a time of celebration, laughter, and of course Fashions finest women. Here are a few of my favorite looks from the fabulous celebration. First Up the fabulous Zendaya I love this bright spring ready look. The mix of patterns and bold colors…

Curlkit Unboxing! My 1st Curlkit Unboxing on my Channel! So happy to share this with you all check it out : )

My Valentine

The day I said I do Meant you will always be my number one Valentine My life, my love, my everything. 9/20/2009