Farm Fun

Thanksgiving on a farm 2019

Peruvian Cuisine

New York is full of diversity and an array of diverse restaurants. While living in NY trying new places to eat was one of my favorite things to do. As most may or may not know I am a very picky eater. So when it comes to trying new places nine times out of tenContinue reading “Peruvian Cuisine”

Weekend RoundUp!

Awesome Memorial Day Weekend! I truly enjoyed myself just relaxing and spending time with the ones I love.    From Left to Right  Fun times at work with my girls  Waterfront Park Downtown Charleston My love came in from ATL for the weekend and we strolled downtown all day Saturday  Sunday night Magazine special  JacuzziContinue reading “Weekend RoundUp!”

How to Say

   Scream it Shout it Write it Do a dance Sing a song Do the Hokie pokie Whatever you choose don’t let this day pass without wishing your mother a very special Happy Mothers Day. If your a mom and your reading this I say to YOU Happy Mothers Day 🎊 Now go celebrate YOURContinue reading “How to Say”

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