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Goodbye June, Hello July

Wow, I can’t believe it’s July already. I’m excited to be in a new month and crushing new goals but I’m not ready to think about work. So I won’t! Instead what I will doContinue readingGoodbye June, Hello July

Tressemme, Tressemme

Oh la la. This past week I took the chance and tried something new. The good part about taking chances is when they turn out great. After watching reviews online I decided to give Tresemme’sContinue readingTressemme, Tressemme

Dry Shampoo

Oh Yes! It’s been 2wks so far rocking out with the Natural Textures Beautifully Straight System. I just refreshed my hair with this Batiste dry shampoo and it worked wonders. My hair is soft andContinue readingDry Shampoo

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