Goodbye 2018

So long, bye bye
So long, bye bye

Right Where You Are

The mountain tops, the deep blue sea, the tropical paradise beyond the trees, the valleys low with flowers about and even the city skyline with towers all around. Anywhere can be beautiful and peaceful if you have God in your heart. But if you don’t, then even a place as beautiful as a tropical paradiseContinue reading “Right Where You Are”

Dear 2014

I would have never expected you to turn out the way you did. That’s the funny thing about life we never know which way it’s going to turn. We simply have to place our trust in Christ alone and believe that He will guide our paths accordingly. As I reflect on what I have beenContinue reading “Dear 2014”


Yesterday my husband and I celebrated 5 yrs 1,825 days 43,800 hours 3 moves 3 dogs Countless tears, laughs, and priceless moments made. Here is to another 365 days 8,760 hours Because I’ll be loving you always! Happy Anniversary!

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