Hip Baths

Hip baths have been on the rise and I had to find out why. If you aren’t familiar with hip baths then-this post is for you. FYI I get a little personal just for the ladies ! Thank me later

Fall Nails

Style and trends change with the seasons it amazes me how each new season brings a new look. From clothes to hair and even our nails. As fall approaches I have been into my nails more than ever before. Honestly I am not a fan of my hands they are short and my middle fingerContinue reading “Fall Nails”

Storage Solutions 

As I continue to organize and decorate my home I am finding more and more ways to save space. The best places to look for unique things are at your local odds and ends stores. Going into thrift stores and even eyeing one of a kind pieces online will help along the way.

Doing It Yourself

Get in and get dirty. That’s what I like to do when it comes to home projects. My list of home projects just went from zero to one hundred. How crazy is that, well my husband and I just moved. So I now have a clean slate to work with and tons of Pinterest ideasContinue reading “Doing It Yourself”

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