Time flies and waits for no one. Don't let time pass you by while waiting for what's next. Enjoy each moment, each breath, and each season. Watch the doors of opportunities open right before your eyes. ~ Cisa

Twisted Updo

Yesterday I wore my hair in this super quick and easy updo. I did two flat twist along the sides of my head. Then brushed the back up into a puff. I used my Gorilla Snot Gel to lay the back down and Lotta Body Edge Gel for my edges. My hair held up very [...]

Weekend Recap

Top left~ Car photo Op Top Middle~ My Yellow Belly Slider Touché Top Right ~ What's on My IPhone Tag 2nd Row~ Beach Day 2nd Row Middle~ Sunday Selfie 2nd Row Right Side~ Headed to the Beach Bottom Left~ Dinner Cruise Bottom Right~ Dinner Cruising with my Hubby