When you think of portfolio we often think of one location where we keep very important files. Many people from actors, to dancers, to even writers have portfolios.  Do you have a portfolio? To be more specific a faith portfolio? A portfolio filled with testimonies of what the Lord has done. As the song says [...]


No matter what surrounds me you will never let go of meMy dreams, my life, my visions, my ideas are held in your hands. No matter what thoughts flood my mind your thoughts matter mostYour thoughts towards me are pure and filled with loveThis world may fade but your love remains the sameFriends may come and [...]

You Ever….

Had an idea and it left your mind? Or hoped for something then gave up? Many of us have great hopes, dreams, ideas, and visions that get lost. Well no worries God has not forgotten and He will allow those things to come to past in His perfect timing. However we need to take get [...]