As much as I love my natural kinky, curly, coily hair I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ all the more. God has been shifting my heart in the direction of my blog for the next couple of days and or months. I pray that you would join me as I seek His face [...]

New Adventures

New adventures are always fun and invigorating. So after much research on YouTube and the internet I have decided to take part in the "Monistat" hair growth challenge. There are tons of videos and photos all over the Internet about this challenge. In short Miconazole Nitrate, better known as Monistat, is an anti fungal agent [...]

The After Math {A Journey to Motherhood File 3}

My masseuse did tell me that the castor oil pack might make my period heavier. Yesterday was the first day of my cycle and I truly did not think it would. Well, I was wrong to say the least. My last few menstrual cycles have been very off. Off in the sense that they were [...]

Hair Frustrations

So my areas of breakage are not growing as fast as I would like. I have been applying JBCO to my scalp roughly twice a week. I am a bit concerned as to why it's not growing. I have also implemented washing, deep conditioning, and doing scalp treatments for the past month and a half. [...]

If Anyone

Were to ask me what's the hardest thing you have ever done? Point, period, blank I would say hands down marriage. Marriage isn't a walk in the park. It's a walk through life's journey unselfishly. Life comes with so many ups, downs, highs, lows, middles, and ends. Imagine sharing this with one person. This one [...]

Guess Who is 6 Months?

Me yes, you guessed right. 6 months post Big Chop lol. I am sure some of you were thinking 6 months pregnant but no. Sorry to burst your bubble. So I finally reached half of a year in my natural hair journey. To celebrate this milestone I composed a photo collage video combined with a [...]

Feature Friday with Lessy 😄

MrzHindz09: Lessy my love, how are you? Lessy: I am great! So happy to be your feature Friday Whoop Whoop! MrzHindz09: That makes two of us. So Lessy why did you go natural? L: I was curious! When I had a perm, I usually only permed my hair every 4-6. During my stretch I realized [...]