To My Past

To My Past

Thank you for loving me the way you could. Thank you for teaching me how strong I am. Thank you for every opportunity to see who I really was even when I didn't know. Thank you most of all for letting me go. It was the hardest thing to do but yet, you knew my [...]

A Cool

Tip worth sharing. So today I lost my earring back which is never any fun. Especially when earrings are a major part of setting an outfit. Well, no more earring back worries for me. I was advised to cut a rubber band in half then into little pieces and use the tiny squares as an [...]

Bring Back Our Girls!

Gone with the hopes of returning home. Off to school they went Eager to learn and embrace knowledge Thinking of the future and what they could be filled with hope and determination. In an instant their dreams faded. Whisked away into the unknown No one knew what had become of their futures that once shone [...]