1,000 Deaths

death noun
\ ˈdeth \
Definition of death
1a: a permanent cessation of all vital (see VITAL sense 2a) functions : the end of life

Mommy & Me

In honor of Mother's Day I wanted to take a trip down memory lane. There are so many things I could have done but I wanted to dedicate this special Blogpost to my mother. Often times we think we know our mothers like the back of our hand, but I've learned its best to ask…


I wrote this over a year ago enjoy..... Love lost can never be regained! But what hurts most is the pain of an unrequited love A love given in its purest form yet never returned Give not to get but give because you want to I want to give the best of me to the…

Hello 2019

Hi my name is Narcisa, and I'm ready for everything you have for me! I'm ready for flights, fun, food, fellowship, and love! Oops I said it out loud!! Yes, she's ready but she won't rush!! No need in rushing love takes time! Love that surrounds me in every area life! A love filled career,…