Sunday Prep

Saturdays for me are usually spent preparing for Sunday service. Considering I am in church all day on Sunday it’s important for me to have certain things lined up to make my mornings easier. Apart from dancing, being on the social media team, and the marriages ministry team at church I am also in theContinue reading “Sunday Prep”

Hollywood Glam the Weddington Way

Hey guys, so as you know I am a lover of all things fun, flirty, and filled with fashion. I had the honor of being reached out to by Weddington Way to gather together a fun Hollywood Glam look styled by me using one of their very own pieces. Weddington Way If you are not familiarContinue reading “Hollywood Glam the Weddington Way”

My Christmas Wish List

1) Jimmy Choo Oh to dream lol 2) Thomas Nelson NKJV Women’s Study Bible 3) Makeup Organizer 4) King Size Upholstered Bed 5) This year would be the best year yet! Mentally, physically, spiritually, & relationally. What’s on Your Wishlist?

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