New Adventures

New adventures are always fun and invigorating. So after much research on YouTube and the internet I have decided to take part in the "Monistat" hair growth challenge. There are tons of videos and photos all over the Internet about this challenge. In short Miconazole Nitrate, better known as Monistat, is an anti fungal agent [...]


To the nine! Yesterday was wash and style day. Unfortunately I was by a friends house so I could not use my regular products. However I tried V05's moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. To my surprise they worked so well on my hair. I love how soft and clean my hair felt afterwards. To style my [...]


Days. I let my dog chill out in the house yesterday. He is an old English Bulldog with a mix of Boxer. His name is Bolt and he is 3 human years old. We got him from a family friend almost one year ago. My husband drove all the way to NYC and back with [...]