My thoughts on Kmoni Cosmetics and why you should give them a try.


Cherish MeI sprang up from mother earthShe clothed me in her own colorsI was nourished by father sunHe glazed the pottery of my skinI am beautiful by designThe pattern of the night in my hairThe pattern of music in my rhythmAs you would cherish a thing of beautyCherish Joyce Carol Thomas What you can’tContinue reading “BLACK”

Kinky Curly Coily Coils

NYE I decided to try something new on my tapered natural hair. This was the first time styling my hair myself since my big chop! It was fun and went way faster than I thought.

Sunday Prep

Saturdays for me are usually spent preparing for Sunday service. Considering I am in church all day on Sunday it’s important for me to have certain things lined up to make my mornings easier. Apart from dancing, being on the social media team, and the marriages ministry team at church I am also in theContinue reading “Sunday Prep”

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