Yesterday I shared that I have quite a few journals. I honestly cannot recall when I started journaling. I can attribute it to growing up on church and taking notes during service. Since then I have always carried something with me to church in order to jot down notes. I not only limit it toContinue reading “Journaling”

Right Where You Are

The mountain tops, the deep blue sea, the tropical paradise beyond the trees, the valleys low with flowers about and even the city skyline with towers all around. Anywhere can be beautiful and peaceful if you have God in your heart. But if you don’t, then even a place as beautiful as a tropical paradiseContinue reading “Right Where You Are”

Heartbreak Valley 

In the midst of Heartbeak Vallies God will restore your broken heart. He will make it whole as only He can. He will wipe away every tear stained on your face. He will whisper words of love and affirmation in your ear. His love will surround you like a blanket in the night. When theContinue reading “Heartbreak Valley “


It feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders.  Be reminded that you don’t have to feel that way.  Don’t allow your feelings to alter facts.  The fact is that God is on YOUR SIDE! yes YOU! Even now the Savior of the world Jesus Christ is interceding at the right handContinue reading “Sometimes…”

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