You're it! I am bringing a little Facebook fun to my blog so drop a "Pretty Girl Rock " photo down below! Check mine out....

Weekend Recap

Top left~ Car photo Op Top Middle~ My Yellow Belly Slider TouchΓ© Top Right ~ What's on My IPhone Tag 2nd Row~ Beach Day 2nd Row Middle~ Sunday Selfie 2nd Row Right Side~ Headed to the Beach Bottom Left~ Dinner Cruise Bottom Right~ Dinner Cruising with my Hubby

Fashion Ghana

Is killing us with their photos. I just love each look and I would so wear it in a heartbeat. Anybody with me?

You Ever….

Had an idea and it left your mind? Or hoped for something then gave up? Many of us have great hopes, dreams, ideas, and visions that get lost. Well no worries God has not forgotten and He will allow those things to come to past in His perfect timing. However we need to take get…