With my makeup this morning. I purchased a new lipgloss by the name of L.A. Girl Glazed Lip Paint in Tempt. I am so loving this color for the fall. Using this color sparked me to do a full soft natural look. Check the pics below...


Time puffs. So my hair is currently in the "awkward stage". Not to short but not long either. So in order for me to preserve my twist outs I do puffs. Super easy and a great way to stretch and save your hairstyle. So grab some hair ties finger part your hair and loosely tie [...]

A Few

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How I Slay My Puff! Hey guys check out my latest Youtube video on how I do my puffs. Every naturals fav go to style! Enjoy

Hey Quick check-in and what I have been doing with my hair lately. Sharing my current go to products! Enjoy Comment, like, SUBSCRIBE thanks in advance. Stay Connected: Blog: Instagram: Tumblr: Pinterest: Facebook: Contact:


Puff is getting higher! Yay for growth. I can't wait until my puff is in full effect. Lately I have been co washing once a week. In the mornings I spray with my water, olive oil, and shea moisture conditioner mix add shea moisture curl n style milk, tie my front down and wear it [...]