Covid Dining

Dining during covid, Yes I did that!

Ten Things To Do During Quarantine

As most of the world lets up I’m still staying in. It’s crazy to think that just yesterday we were living lives per usual going to work, spending time with family, attending church services, and shopping. Here we are today living a life we could have never imagined. One where we are encouraged to stayContinue reading “Ten Things To Do During Quarantine”

Virtual Reality

The reality is in these times we are all tuned in virtually. The world wide web has never been so widely used in the history of its time than now. My reality is that during these past few months I’ve gained my “quarantine fifteen.” In all honesty, I probably haven’t gained an extra fifteen pounds.Continue reading “Virtual Reality”

Thank You Quarantine

“Gratitude turns what we have into enough.” – Anonymous

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