The Floral Encounter Masterclass

Now, I'm not a florist but I do love flowers. I mean honestly, who doesn't? I'll wait....exactly no one lol. I most recently had an amazing opportunity to partake in a photo-shoot for the Floral Encounter Masterclass held by Michelle Summers of Your Signature Designs. This opportunity fell in my lap and I couldn't be…

  Time flies and waits for no one. Don't let time pass you by while waiting for what's next. Enjoy each moment, each breath, and each season. Watch the doors of opportunities open right before your eyes. ~ Cisa

Nicole Richie

Is a Style Maven. I love her looks and she always knows how to work a room with her signature style. Check her out in Paper Magazine I love each look with it's bold spring colors! Which one do you like?

TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, Ross

And then their is DDs. I discovered DDs on my way home from work one day. It feels like it could be the lower end of all the above stores listed. From the moment I walked in the door I could tell this was a store not many people come too. Not for any bad…