The Woman In Me

   What a prayer! This truly resonated in my spirit when I read it. Often times we struggle to find the words to say. We must remeber the main thing is to be honest and speak from our heart in faith. If this prayer resonates in your heart pray it out loud in Faith! ThatContinue reading “The Woman In Me”


After spending some time in my word this morning, I am ever convinced that society has put parameters on our thinking. This may or may not be intentionally but God is here to break those parameters off of our minds. God is able to show us in His word what He has done and canContinue reading “Wow”

Hitting the Wall

Sometimes hitting the wall is what we need to get us going. Hitting the wall falling on our faces and figuring out how to get up again is painful yet fruitful. This is what relationships encounter at various times. These just may be the times you hate, love, despise, but will appreciate once it’s over.Continue reading “Hitting the Wall”

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