5 Reasons Why Kids Love Code Camp

This summer I had the pleasure of coming on board with The Red Sunflower as a content creator for codecamp. My excitement for codecamp couldn’t be contained as I was eager to dive in and get going. The week went by fast yet slow as each day was filled with new adventures . The goalContinue reading “5 Reasons Why Kids Love Code Camp”

3 Ways To Have (A) More Appealing SUMMER LOOK

Summer 2019 is all about the hot girls, we are bringing the heat in this heat! What makes one a “hot girl”? well here are my 3 ways to appeal to the hot girl in you and own your summer looks!

Summer Goals

The summer is close and my goals are stacking up. Most people think of getting their bodies in shape, taking their kids on trips. or getting their house in order for summer BBQs. When I think of summer goals I think of outdoor excursions full of fun. Last summer I let the days roll byContinue reading “Summer Goals”

5 Back to School Tips

      I can’t believe that school starts back next month. Where did the time go? ready or not we must be prepared. Teachers and parents alike. Here are my top 5 ways to gear up for back to school.  Teachers 1. Start going to bed at a decent hour. Break those bad summer habitsContinue reading “5 Back to School Tips”

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