Heartbreak Valley 

In the midst of Heartbeak Vallies God will restore your broken heart. He will make it whole as only He can. He will wipe away every tear stained on your face. He will whisper words of love and affirmation in your ear. His love will surround you like a blanket in the night. When the [...]

Dear 2014

I would have never expected you to turn out the way you did. That's the funny thing about life we never know which way it's going to turn. We simply have to place our trust in Christ alone and believe that He will guide our paths accordingly. As I reflect on what I have been [...]

If Anyone

Were to ask me what's the hardest thing you have ever done? Point, period, blank I would say hands down marriage. Marriage isn't a walk in the park. It's a walk through life's journey unselfishly. Life comes with so many ups, downs, highs, lows, middles, and ends. Imagine sharing this with one person. This one [...]