Heartbreak Valley 

In the midst of Heartbeak Vallies God will restore your broken heart. He will make it whole as only He can. He will wipe away every tear stained on your face. He will whisper words of love and affirmation in your ear. His love will surround you like a blanket in the night. When the [...]


No matter what surrounds me you will never let go of meMy dreams, my life, my visions, my ideas are held in your hands. No matter what thoughts flood my mind your thoughts matter mostYour thoughts towards me are pure and filled with loveThis world may fade but your love remains the sameFriends may come and [...]

Christmas Eve

12 hours spent on the road from Charleston to NYC just me and hubby. It feels like his trip gets longer each time we drive. However I can't get enough quality time with my hubby and 12 hours with him was the best Christmas Eve. I know I sound like a mush but we get [...]